The college of the Presbyterian Church in America in Lookout Mountain, Georgia


The faculty of the Department of Art believes in the importance of art in the life of all humans. We are committed to providing an academic environment in which students will increase their understanding and appreciation of the art of the past while developing a critical framework with which to interpret and respond to the visual culture of the present. A variety of means and media will be employed to help students develop hands-on artistic technical skills and conceptual strategies. Students will be challenged to respond to creation through interpretation.


The Department of Art seeks to thoughtfully engage students in the visual arts to create artworks that are rooted in contemporary and traditional art making practices. Students will demonstrate knowledge of artistic periods and styles relevant to the depth of social and art history. In addition to their work in the studio and art history, students will, through critical analysis and interpretation, explore and understand contemporary issues in the world of art.


Achieving such understanding and skills is important within the Christian community as we pursue an art reflective of our commitment to Christ. In art, as in all human endeavors, Christ must be preeminent. To seek this end, is to pursue our calling as stewards of God-given gifts and to explore those gifts within the community of Covenant College and the larger Christian community around the world.


In completing a major in Visual Arts, students are required to fulfill the core curriculum because a broad liberal arts foundation supplies students with a rich background to use as a source for artistic expression.

Art Building
Beginning in January 2015, the Art Barn is being dismantled and construction of a new fine arts facility will soon begin on the same location. The new fine arts building will provide the square footage necessary to accommodate more student studio space as well as offices and studio space for art faculty.
Rachael reflects on the grief that struck Covenant's community after the death of classmate David Taaffe '15, and a painting that was created out of that grief.