Emerging Artist Scholarship

First-time degree-seeking students are invited to apply for the Emerging Artist Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship is valued at $13,000 and will be renewed for three years as long as the student remains in the major and makes satisfactory academic progress.



  1. Accepted for admission into Covenant.
  2. Applicants for the Emerging Artist Scholarship are required to submit a portfolio consisting of 12-20 works representing their best artwork from high school.
  3. Attend Scholarship Weekend if chosen as a finalist.


To Apply

Application deadline is December 1.
Emerging Artist Scholarship Application


Art professor Jeff Morton gives a guided tour of the construction and completion of the Lucas Art Workshop. The building was constructed in 2015 and dedicated and named in honor of David and Linda Lucas in March 2016.

Assistant Professor of Art Dr. Elissa Weichbrodt discusses the importance of allowing works of art to "do something" to us.
Professor of Art Jeff Morton discusses the practice of making art, and that of thinking about art, and the integration of the two that broadens an artist’s perspective and ability.