Dr. Charles Donaldson Memorial Science Scholarship

The Dr. Charles Donaldson Memorial Science Scholarship was established in 2004 to honor Dr. Charles Donaldson who taught math and science at Covenant College for more than 30 years. This $13,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a first-time, degree-seeking student who declares a major in biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics. 



  1. Accepted for admission into Covenant.
  2. Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 and the following test scores: SAT of 1200 (critical reading and math only) or an ACT score of 26.
  3. Attend Scholarship Weekend if chosen as a finalist.


To Apply
Application deadline is December 1.
Donaldson Memorial Science Scholarship Application 


"Learning hands-on through labs is probably my favorite part of being a science major. I like to see for myself how things work and doing dissections or running chemical reactions is a great way to reinforce what I've been learning. The professors here also do a great job of having labs line up with the material we cover in class, so it gives me more experience and a second way to approach the lecture content. "
 - biology major Hannah Robinson '16

"Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) with Dr. Morris. Learning about how our bodies work was fascinating and gave me a completely new perspective into the nature of our Creator. Studying for the class became a sort of worship as I acquired a greater sense of God’s creativity and attention to detail. You gain a deeper understanding of God’s grace when you realize just how complex the body is. "
 - biology major Will Ahrenholz '16
Advising Pre-Med Students | Dr. Tim Morris '83
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