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Dr. Jeff Humphries and student Covenant College computer science students Covenant College computer science classroom Dr. John Hunt
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"A good Christian education should equip students to anticipate the impacts of computers from the perspective of an integrated Christian worldview, and then to propose God-honoring and biblically informed answers to those problems. "

Dr. Jeff Humphries
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Computer Science

At one time, running a first-tier computer science program required a large financial outlay that limited these programs to large, typically state-funded institutions. In recent years, however, the software needed for a computer science program has become, for the most part, free, and the computer hardware needed has come into common use.


The major limitation for a quality computer science program now is the faculty available to teach. It has become apparent that teaching computer science is not well-suited to large classes. Many experts suggest that hands-on apprenticeships and one-on-one mentoring are more appropriate approaches to learning to program.


The small class sizes and extensive student-faculty involvement at Covenant College provide a superior environment for learning computer science.


In addition, most programs in scientific and technical disciplines pretend that skills and information can be taught in a value-free manner. This is never the case. In fact, the assertion that some field of human endeavor can be held apart from and exist independently of God is a profound moral choice, regardless of the denials of those claiming moral neutrality.


At Covenant, our computer science students receive a thorough grounding in Christian teaching and worldview through Covenant's in-depth core curriculum. In addition, the relationship between computer science and Christianity is examined throughout the computer science curriculum.


Why Christians Should Care.

Increasingly, the world in which we live is a world molded by computing. Many Christians have recently noticed that by failing to engage "Hollywood" they have lost an important chance to make a Christian worldview known. However, computing is molding our world far more than movies ever have. How it molds it - for good or for bad - is the result of a million individual decisions made each day by people in the computing industry. Christians need to be salt and light in this process.


Our Programs.

Covenant College's Department of Computer Science offers a major in computer science, which is the broadest and most established of the computing disciplines. Our course work is based on the ACM / IEEE CC 2001 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Computer Science. The program requires 40 credit hours of COS courses as well as a supporting course in quantitative methods for a total of 44 credit hours. We also offer a minor in computer science.



Dr. Hunt discusses the conceptual nature of computer science, and outlines what sets Covenant’s computer science department apart.

Covenant’s computer programming team placed fifth out of 29 teams at the 2012 southeastern conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges.

Drs. Hunt and Sizemore discuss the creation of Covenant's computer program in 1982, and describe the challenges of educating students in the constantly-changing field of computers.