Education Career Summit 2016

The Education Department of Covenant College is pleased to announce Career Summit--new and restructured--on Thursday and Friday, March 3-4, 2016.


What You Need to Know About Career Summit

School administrators have suggested that they would like to showcase their schools as part of Career Summit, so we have listened. On Thursday at 3:00 pm, school administrators will have opportunity to make ten-minute presentations to all of our 2016 teacher candidates. Following these presentations will be a dinner for administrators and the faculty of the Education Department. After dinner, the schedule includes more school presentations, followed by two panel discussions involving administrators on topics of interest to educators, and concludes with teacher candidates signing up for individual interviews which will occur on Friday.


Administrators will also be given opportunity to indicate which candidates they prefer to interview. We will do our best to honor preferences on both sides as well as to  ensure that each candidate has at least 5-6 interviews.


Friday of Career Summit is devoted to interviews per the following schedule:


  • By 8:00 am—interview schedule will be emailed to teacher candidates and administrators
  • 8:30-9:50—individual interviews, 20 minutes in length
  • 9:50—break with refreshments
  • 10:10-noon—individual interviews, 20 minutes in length
  • 12:00-1:00—lunch for all administrators, teacher candidates, education faculty
  • 1:00-2:20—individual interviews, 20 minutes in length
  • 2:30-4:00—optional time for additional interviews as needed


Directory of Teacher Candidates 2016

The Directory provides a brief sketch on each candidate. Administrators are encouraged to review sketches to determine which candidates might be good matches for anticipated teacher vacancies.



With limitations of both time and space, one person from each school may register. However, school systems with elementary, middle, and secondary schools may register more than one administrator. Registration is limited to a total of 20 administrators.


  • Cost: $40 per administrator. Due with registration and nonrefundable. Includes dinner on Thursday and lunch on Friday.
  • Registration deadline: on or before February 19, 2016
  • Contact for questions: Jane Stewart706.419.1407
  • Administrators are welcome to bring promotional materials to distribute to teacher candidates, but space limitations do not allow for visual displays.


After Registration

Registrants will receive confirmation of registration by email.


In mid-February, all registrants will receive a follow up email with:


  • Your scheduled time to present your school
  • Your scheduled time to participate in a panel discussion -- if you have volunteered for this on the Registration Form -- along with the topics and questions to be considered
  • Information about location and parking

We value our partnership with you in launching our teacher candidates. 


The Career Summit registration form is coming soon!



The country with the largest Muslim population in the world is home to Covenant alumni who are passionate about Christian education.

"My favorite class so far has definitely been T.I.P.S. (Teaching In a Pluralistic Society)...It was such a hard semester enduring the readings, projects, and papers for that class, but through homework, the lectures, and the challenging discussions, I learned so much about how to be diversity-minded while teaching. Though the class is focused on educating children, the topics that were raised really encouraged me to broaden my worldview and place aside hidden biases within myself. "
 - interdisciplinary studies major Daniel Sluis '16
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