Bible Secondary Education Certification Program

Requirements for Major in Biblical Studies with ACSI Secondary Certification (grades 6-12)



This program is only available to the classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013 and to those students who were registered in the Records Office prior to July 1, 2010 and designated as majoring in Biblical Studies with ACSI Secondary Certification.  All such students should regularly consult with their Education advisor. 


The core and distribution requirements for a major in Biblical and Theological Studies with ACSI Secondary Certification are those listed for baccalaureate degrees, with the exception that either GRE 175-176 Elementary Greek I, II or HEB 191-192 Elementary Hebrew I, II are required to fulfill the foreign language requirement.


All other students who desire ACSI teaching certification should pursue a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies along with the Education Minor, then enroll in the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program following undergraduate graduation. See Dr. Jim Drexler in the Education Department for details.


Core requirements


Teaching Field

BIB 201. Current Issues in Biblical Studies ’W’
BIB 372. Hermeneutics
BIB 492. Senior Integration Paper ‘S’

Church History Course:
BIB 302. History & Expansion of Christianity I, or

BIB 303. History & Expansion of Christianity II

Ethics Course:
BIB 371. Christian Ethics, or
BIB 322. Deuteronomy, or

BIB 375. New Testament Ethics

Missions Course:
BIB 376. Outreach to Contemporary Culture, or

MIS 202. Theology of Missions, or

MIS 203. Missionary Methods and Problems

New Testament Upper Division Book Study

(e.g. BIB 346, 349)
Old Testament Upper Division Book Study

(e.g. BIB 322, 327)
Upper Division BTS Dept. Elective
Upper Division Theology Course **
Total hours for the major


Professional Education

EDU 121. Introduction to Teaching
EDU 215. Technology for Educators
EDU 222. Educational Psychology
EDU 234. Teaching in a Pluralistic Society
EDU 322. Nature & Needs of the Early Adol. Learner
EDU 340. Curr. & Methods in the Secondary School
EDU 361. Education of Exceptional Children
EDU 370. History & Philosophy of Amer. Ed.
EDU 411. Educational Assessment
EDU 497-498. Teaching Practicums I & II – Secondary
EDU 491. Student Teaching Seminar
Total Professional Education hours


Total degree hours

Reformed Christian College

Dr. Jim Drexler describes Covenant’s undergraduate education program, defined by its philosophy of training Christian teachers who demonstrate Christ’s preeminence in all things.

"I love being an elementary education major and having the close-knit community of elementary education majors. Covenant’s education department excels at providing opportunities for students to be in the classrooms throughout the entire degree program, even as early on as first semester of your freshman year in Intro to Teaching. I have really enjoyed spending time down at a school in Chattanooga this semester to give me hands-on experience to relate to what I am learning in my coursework."
 - education major Grace Ann Arnold '18

"My favorite class so far has definitely been T.I.P.S. (Teaching In a Pluralistic Society)...It was such a hard semester enduring the readings, projects, and papers for that class, but through homework, the lectures, and the challenging discussions, I learned so much about how to be diversity-minded while teaching. Though the class is focused on educating children, the topics that were raised really encouraged me to broaden my worldview and place aside hidden biases within myself. "
 - interdisciplinary studies major Daniel Sluis '16

The country with the largest Muslim population in the world is home to Covenant alumni who are passionate about Christian education.
Jonathan describes Covenant's master of education program and what sets it apart.