Educators Conference 2017

The Education Department of Covenant College is pleased to announce that the speaker for our 2017 Educators Conference will be Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs. The Educators Conference will take place March 2, 2017. Please save the date and make plans now to join us!


Dr. Jacobs will be presenting three sessions at the conference based on her newest book, Bold Moves for Schools. The sessions will cover these topics:

  1. Launching Bold Moves: Mission, Pedagogy, Engagement
  2. Hitting the Refresh Button on Program Sturcture- New Learning Spaces, Schedules, & Grouping Configurations
  3. Upgrading the Curriculum: Integrating Digital Literacy, Media Savvy, and Global Competence


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About Our Speaker


Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs


Bold Moves for Schools



Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs is founder and president of the Curriculum Designers Group, providing professional services to schools and organizations internationally to upgrade curriculum and support teaching strategies to meet the needs of 21st century learners.  Dr. Jacobs’s models on curriculum mapping and curriculum design have been featured in her eleven books and are the basis for software solutions used throughout the world.   Working with a range of organizations, Jacobs has online courses with PBS Teacherline and PD360 and has consulted to groups ranging from international, national, state and provincial education departments, professional organizations such as ASCD, NAESP, Learning Forward, the European Council of International Schools, the Near East School Association, the College Board,  ADK International Sino-Canadian Schools in China,  New Zealand’s Learning Networ, the Kennedy Center, the Peace Corps World Wise Schools, Carnegie Hall, Australia’s EduTech,, and the United Nations Council on Teaching about the UN, the Near East School Association, the International Baccalaureate, the NY State Higher Education Commission, the CCSSO workgroup on Global Competencies, and AASA’s Collaborative Project focused on innovation.    In 2014 she received the MAIS International Educator Award. 


The basis for her presentations will come from her newest book is to be released in January 2017 through ASCD, co-authored with Marie Alock, Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments.  Her recent four book series on Leading the New Literacies, Mastering Digital Literacy, Mastering Media Literacy, Mastering Global Literacy, were released in 2014 by Solution-Tree.  Her best selling, Curriculum Mapping: Tools and Templates and Curriculum 21 both with ASCD have been the basis for a wide range of professional services provided by a talented faculty and a robust clearinghouse giving educators resources to upgrade classroom life. Her education career began as a high school, junior high, and elementary teacher in Utah, Massachusetts, and New York.   Heidi and her husband have raised two adult children.  They make their home in Westchester County, New York.  



Reformed Christian College

Dr. Jim Drexler describes Covenant’s undergraduate education program, defined by its philosophy of training Christian teachers who demonstrate Christ’s preeminence in all things.

"I love being an elementary education major and having the close-knit community of elementary education majors. Covenant’s education department excels at providing opportunities for students to be in the classrooms throughout the entire degree program, even as early on as first semester of your freshman year in Intro to Teaching. I have really enjoyed spending time down at a school in Chattanooga this semester to give me hands-on experience to relate to what I am learning in my coursework."
 - education major Grace Ann Arnold '18

Schuyler Moore

"I love that I am able to work with kids and that I am in a program that allows me to go off the Mountain and begin to see what it looks like to apply what I’m learning in a classroom. The professors in elementary education are also super phenomenal. They are excited to teach us how to become better teachers and inspire us to be great teachers."
 - Schuyler Moore '18

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