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Covenant College theatre production of Into the Woods Covenant College Theatre production Covenant College theatre production of Into the Woods Covenant College Theatre production Covenant College theatre production of Into the Woods Covenant College Theatre production
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"Art needs a point of view. In the 20th century, we’d come to believe that artists need freedom, but then we made that absolute. When you give a finite creature absolute freedom, it doesn’t help that person to be creative - it paralyzes them. I’m not the only person out there that thinks that what we need is an infusion of Christian belief. I want us to get folks in the secular workplace, to do good work which will help to revivify the arts - not only because the arts are highly influential and we’re exporting them around the world, but also because those folks who work in that industry are a mission field!"

Camille Hallstrom
Professor of Theatre


The Department of Theatre offers a theatre major and a theatre minor.


Integrating faith and the dramatic disciplines.

It is difficult to imagine in today's media saturated, postmodern, narrative-focused culture, that one can consider him/herself adequately educated without having developed an understanding of how dramatic art works and impacts its audiences and practitioners. It is our prayer that students here are prepared to become "missionaries" to the dramatic professions. That is to say, we seek to help them become both skilled in dramatic craft and mature in Christian discipleship, that they might one day enter the professional stage and film worlds in order to produce fine art to the glory of God, but also to reach out to a lost “people group” (dramatic professionals) who will not very likely be reached by outsiders. The dramatic arts are arguably one of the most influential modes of cultural communication today. We would be foolish to neglect proclaiming the Kingdom of God in this vital marketplace.


The dramatic arts thrive on liberal arts education!

The renowned actress and acting teacher Uta Hagen wrote, "To be more than an adequate or serviceable actor, it takes a broad education in the liberal arts." Theatre and film educators generally agree: those who wish to write, produce, direct, shoot, act in or otherwise create dramatic work need a wide understanding of many facets of life to produce their art effectively. A Covenant liberal arts education powerfully equips theatre and film graduates to work in the dramatic professions.


Theatre Studies

Covenant has two separate production arms: Mainstage Drama produced by the Theatre and Film Studies Department and the Drama Association, our fully student-led theatre. Additionally, students can work on plays at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). This is the most unique element of our program; a chance to work in a "secular theatre laboratory" and later debrief with Christian professors and students is key to our goal of preparing students to be "missionaries" to the professional theatre and film worlds.



Ann Jones '14 recalls her hesitation at choosing theatre as her major and recounts the benefits of that choice.

Visit the Drama Association's Facebook page to view photo collections from past theatre performances.

"[T]he most important area of growth I experienced when at Covenant was learning the importance of community and friendship."
  - Laura Bannister '07