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Deborah Kirby

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Associate Professor of Theatre
On faculty since 2012





M.F.A, Acting, Purdue University, 1994

B.A., Communications, Calvin College, 1991

B.A., Sociology, Baylor University, 1981


Professional Interests

I have been an actress, director, stage manager, and producer of live theatre over the past thirty years and as such, have lived in or traveled to Canada, Europe, Uganda, and almost every state in North America. I love the collaborative nature of theatre and believe that, at its best, is a representation of how the body of Christ can work. As an example of this belief, I recently directed a production of Godspell down at the Salvation Army 614 that included people that were both homeless and those with homes, volunteers that came from both communities, as well as students and fellow theatre professors from UTC. I have been given the gift of watching art transform people’s lives and it is my dream to continue to create opportunities for change for the glory of God here in the Chattanooga area.


Personal Interests

As a theatre artist I have interest in and gain inspiration from most other art forms. From listening to music, to looking at a painting or piece of sculpture, to watching dance, to observing animals and nature in all its splendor – it all intrigues me and provides “food” for my soul. I am an amateur photographer; love to travel this great country (as well as Europe when I can), and truly enjoy meeting people – the more diverse the better - wherever I go. One day I hope to write about the myriad of people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. In conclusion, I have a rescue dog and two cats, and am learning to knit in my spare time.


Podcast: Professor Kirby on "Theatre and the Body of Christ" 


Spring 2014 Courses

THT102 Company Muster II

THT103 Company Muster III

THT220 Contemporary Drama

THT290 Production Practicum

THT299 Special Topics in Theatre

THT390 Production Practicum

THT492 Senior Integration Paper