Jack Roylston '16

Jack RoylstonAdmissions Counselor


Greenville, SC


Major at Covenant
Biblical & Theological Studies,


How did you choose Covenant?

I was confident in high school that I wanted to attend a Christian college but wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for in terms of Christian higher education. I visited Covenant during my senior year of high school after being encouraged to check out the school by some Covenant alumni at my church. While on campus, I had the chance to worship in chapel, attend class, and spend a night in the dorms. It only took several hours on campus for me to discover that this was indeed the place the Lord was leading me. I chose to attend Covenant because of the vibrant community that was devoted to exploring the preeminence of Christ in all things, as well as expressing its worship of Christ through study, relationships, and fun.


Most influential class at Covenant

The most influential class that I took at Covenant was Faith and Suffering with Dr. Kelly Kapic. This class completely reshaped the way that I thought about the goodness of God, the evil of sin, and the sovereignty of the Lord, and particularly how these three essential components of the Christian gospel mingle together in the suffering of people. Over the course of the semester, I was given the tools to mourn, grieve, and lament appropriately when suffering comes, and to be a loving and compassionate friend to those who deal with serious pain in their lives.


Best college memory

My most fond memories from my four years at Covenant typically revolve around chapel talks, my time on Second South in Carter Hall, watching my wife's soccer games, and studying under fantastic professors. But what comes so sweetly to mind now is my SIP class. The combination of writing my Senior Integration Paper in a small community of peers with Dr. Hans Madueme and wrestling with difficult issues concerning faith and writing was the perfect recipe for an awesome final semester at Covenant. To me, this course and its subsequent conversations and relationships were the quintessential exhibit of an ideal that the Covenant College students, faculty, and staff believe to be so pertinent to discipleship—theology done in community.


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Jack Roylston
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