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Why Covenant?

Why choose Covenant College


The Foundation of a Covenant Education

A Covenant College education has a sure foundation. Our beliefs, philosophy, and curriculum are rooted in the infallible, eternal, and unchanging Word of God. Our founders had confidence in the Scriptures' truth and promises, and on behalf of their own children and generations to come, envisioned a learning community where students would explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all creation and all of life. 


A Covenant Community

We hold our students in high regard because of the commitment God has to them and their families. He consistently refers to his people as a "treasured possession" as he promises that he "will be their God, and they will be my people." It is this relationship that shapes our life and study together at Covenant, and gives us confidence that this investment has eternal value and priceless outcomes.


The College faculty and staff assume this weighty and wonderful responsibility in both teaching and relationships. Coursework across the disciplines helps our students come to understand better the gracious investment God has first made in them--designing each student with specific gifts, saving them from sin and death to eternal life, and calling them to particular roles of service and responsibilities they must assume in his kingdom.  


It is to this end that we seek to discover his good gifts in creation and in culture, and to redeem and nurture those gifts for the sake of his glory in the church and in society. 


Recognized Quality & Value

In its 2013 edition of Best Colleges, U.S. News & World Report named Covenant College 6th among regional colleges in the South. This is Covenant's 10th consecutive year in the top ten in its category.


Washington Monthly ranked Covenant among the fifty best baccalaureate colleges in the country in its 2012 list.



Why Did You Choose Covenant?
Ruth Terry

"I chose Covenant because I was looking for a solid academic school that also kept Christ the center of all things. I think many Christian schools compromise one of those two, but I thought Covenant did a great job of combining them. "

- Ruth Terry '16

Chris Marshall

"I chose Covenant because I really wanted professors who clearly showed the Gospel shaping their lives. Going into the political arena, this is essential in forming my educational path, and God kept opening doors to come here. I originally planned on coming for just one year, but God knew differently and I loved it too much to leave."

- Chris Marshall '14

Molly Anderson

"It was the only campus that while visiting I thought to myself, 'I wish I could be friends with these people. I wish I could BE these people.' And the people I was interacting with actually cared that I thought that and wanted me here."

- Molly Anderson '14