Alumni of the Year - 2009


Steve ’85 and Mary Lutz Smallman ’85


He used to travel the country. Now he travels the globe. Still, some of his most important work is done in the poorer areas of his hometown Baltimore.


After finishing seminary, Steve Smallman joined New Song Community Church in inner-city Baltimore as a pastor and music director. He toured the states with their choir and cut several CDs showcasing their energetic music. His ministry included producing cutting-edge music and video presentations that kept kids enthused and engaged in the church—and off the streets.


In addition to teaching neighborhood Bible studies, Mary has been instrumental in the development of New Song’s extensive ministry to neighborhood children. In her role at New Song Community Church, she created and maintains a daily volunteer chapel program for the church’s public school, New Song Academy. She has also served the school as its state testing coordinator and has managed scores of volunteer groups from all over the country.


Steve continues to serve as an associate pastor at New Song in addition to operating 15four Integrated Media, where he and his staff produce films for various for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. They have documented stories in locations from Chicago and Atlanta to Mozambique and Haiti.


Mary and Steve have two sons, Isaiah ’11 and Paul ’13.


Noon at Covenant is a time to see the campus in full swing, with students learning to live and think in a way that centers on Christ, and that aims to serve God's kingdom. As we Scots continue our work to explore and express the preeminence of Christ in all things, we are called to represent the College, sharing its mission with others.

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