Alumni Profiles: Dave Garrett '82 and Lilly Garrett '82


Dave Garrett ’82 spent the spare time during his senior year at Covenant cleaning swimming pools and working as a security guard at a townhouse complex, while living with his newlywed wife, Lilly ’82, in a small back-house apartment.


Nearly thirty years later, Dave looks back on a wealth of experience that includes roles such as vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay, senior vice president of marketing for Brach’s Confections, and vice president of marketing for Mission Foods. And it all began with a degree in business from Covenant College and an entry-level marketing position at Proctor & Gamble. Now Dave is a partner at Trion LLC, a Dallas-based consultancy specializing in strategic partnering, business assessment, and growth opportunities.


Dave says Covenant prepared him well for the business world and for relational ministry within that sphere.
“My fellow employees had impressive advanced degrees from well-known universities,” says Dave. “I always felt confident with the tools I received from Covenant. I began to see the business world as a fertile mission field. Businesspeople need Christ as much as anyone does! Many are lost in the chase for wealth or success or a myriad of other idols.”


How did Covenant prepare him for challenging executive roles?
“Covenant helped me develop a biblical worldview and solid foundation to think about the world around me from a Christian perspective,” Dave says. “I am grateful that Covenant stretched my limits of understanding yet provided a solid biblical framework to learn to impact the world for Christ. It taught me not to see a separation between the ‘secular’ and the ‘sacred,’ but to see everything as a sacred opportunity to redeem the world.”


Dave and Lilly have been involved in two church plants and helped start a Christian college-prep school in Dallas. They love visiting Covenant to see their daughter, Lauren, who will begin her senior year this fall.

Noon at Covenant is a time to see the campus in full swing, with students learning to live and think in a way that centers on Christ, and that aims to serve God's kingdom. As we Scots continue our work to explore and express the preeminence of Christ in all things, we are called to represent the College, sharing its mission with others.

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