Alumni Profile: Nicole Haynes ’93


Nicole Haynes ’93 sees miracles every day. As a perinatal nurse practitioner, she cares for patients with high-risk pregnancies, multiples, fetal anomalies, and maternal diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension.


“Despite the high-risk nature of what I do, I see lots of great outcomes!” says Niki. “I love what I do every day.”


After completing a degree in Basic Health Sciences at Covenant College, Niki finished nursing school at Emory University in 1995 and her MSN in 2000. She currently works at Maternal-Fetal Specialists, a private practice in Atlanta which handles referrals of critical pregnancies. From triplets to transfusions, the clinic sees 18,000 patients per year.


“Nursing is all about people, whether it’s patients, other providers, hospital staff, or office staff,” says Niki. “How you treat people and the respect you show for others is pivotal in taking the best care of the patient that is possible. In doing this, I hope that others will see Christ in me.” Niki’s love for people and joy in her work were fostered during her time at Covenant.


“The professors at Covenant not only taught me knowledge, but also taught me how to think,” she says. “I loved learning about anatomy and physiology from Dr. Wenger. He was so passionate about how God created us—from the hair on our heads to the soles of our feet. Covenant gave me a great, solid Christian foundation to pursue nursing.”


At Covenant, Niki was also equipped for her current roles at Intown Community Church. She teaches children’s Sunday school, facilitates children’s worship, and leads a community group for single women.


“One of the biggest areas of growth for me at Covenant was living in community,” Niki reflects. “My years at Covenant were invaluable to me for the friendships I made and the Christian world and life view that Covenant fostered in me.”