Conservation Week

This week the Campus Stewardship Committee (CSC) will be promoting environmental stewardship on our campus through the following means:

  • Project Clean Plate - Students are encouraged to leave less food waste on their plates, so that it doesn't have to be thrown out. Chartwells will weigh the amount of discarded food during this week and compare it with the weight of food waste during the previous week. The amount of food saved during Conservation Week will be matched, pound for pound, with donations by Chartwells to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.
  • Energy Saving Competition - Residence buildings will compete with one another to see who can save the most electricity during Conservation Week. The winners will receive a special prize.
  • Food, Inc. Screening - The CSC will host a screening of Food, Inc., a documentary about the realities of conservation in the food industry.
  • Recycling Program - The CSC will be restarting a beta version of the Recycling Program, providing bags and support to students who volunteer for recycling. Sign-ups in the Great Hall.
Monday, February 18, 2013
Time of Event: 
All Week