Volume 7, Number 1 - Fall 2011

Educators Conference 2012

Dr. Donovan Graham, who served at Covenant College for 32 years as a professor, Dean, and finally as Chaplain, will be the featured speaker at our annual Educators Conference on Thursday, March 1, 2012.

Don Graham "For several decades, Don Graham was one of the anchors not only of the Education Department, but for the college as a whole," commented Steve Kaufmann. "His contributions in teaching, writing, and leadership are significant, so it will be great to have him back on campus."

After retiring from Covenant in 2004, Don served as Spiritual and Pastoral Counselor for World Harvest Mission in Ireland, but has since relocated with his wife Wilma to Colorado Springs as Director of the Center for Teacher Renewal. Graham has also kept up with his writing, overseeing a second edition of Teaching Redemptively: Bringing Grace and Truth into your Classroom (2009) and completing his new book Making a Difference: Christian Educators in Public Schools (2011). His newest project, the Center for Teacher Renewal, is in many ways a culminating work which combines his gifts of teaching, counseling and spiritual renewal for Christian educators.

Dr. Graham will present several sessions on the topic of "Thriving as an Educator" for the Educators Conference on March 1, 2012. The conference will be held from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM. The $75.00 conference fee includes lunch, refreshments, and your choice of either Teaching Redemptively or Making a Difference. Click here to register for the Educators Conference.

Covenantís annual Career Summit is scheduled on Thursday evening, March 1 and Friday, March 2, 2012. Career Summit is an opportunity for school leaders to meet and interview Covenantís education majors for positions in their schools, so why not plan on attending both events! Click here to register for Career Summit.

For further information, call 706.419.1407 or e-mail jane.stewart@covenant.edu.

All in the Family

Cameron Brown Cameron Brown is a new student in our Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (BSECE) program, but the Brown family is hardly new to Covenant College! Cameronís parents, Paul and Joyce are also products of the Education Department: Joyce (Boughamer) earned both her B.A. in Secondary History (1974) and her MED in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction (1996) from Covenant, while Paul earned his degree and certification in Physical Education in 1975. Both Browns recently retired from the Walker County school system after decades of faithful service. And to top it off, Cameronís brother-in-law Robert Stinson earned his MED in Educational Leadership from Covenant in 2009. Now all we need is for someone in the family to enroll in the Master of Arts in Teaching, and we will have had Browns in every program we offer!

Master of Arts in Teaching

Speaking of the MAT, our newest program is off and running with eight students in the pilot cohort. The MAT is an initial middle and secondary certification program for college graduates with an undergraduate degree in one of the following academic areas: art, biblical studies, biology, chemistry, drama, economics, English, French, history, mathematics, physics, or Spanish. A new cohort starts each summer in late June, but the application deadline is April 1. If you or someone you know might want to earn certification in one of these areas, encourage them to contact us at mat@covenant.edu, call 1-888-563-9294, or visit the website www.mat.covenant.edu.

Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted by over 40 states in mathematics and English, and one of our MED graduates, Jonathan Lillie (2010, Educational Leadership) has developed a website that will organize resources and link them under specific standards. Jonathan hopes to be finished with a baseline of every common core math standard for K-12 by this summer, but you can already see the work he has done at www.ccgps.org. ďIt will be a place that teachers can go to refresh their minds on topics they will teach and a resource for parents and students to use at home when they need someone to teach them, find extra practice, or other classroom activities,Ē writes Jonathan.

What I did for summer vacation!

Thirteen Covenant College students travelled internationally this past summer to spend several weeks teaching at Christian schools. Matt Bristley, Liz Somerville, Ginny Somerville, Laura Main, and Grace Mullaney taught for three weeks at the Christian International School of Prague; Georgia Granholm, Hannah Turnbull, Dasom Jung, and Lynn Ogrosky spent those same weeks at the International Christian School in Budapest (see Spring Newsletter); Anna Clare Freel, Holly Ann Dobbins, Garrison Dale, and Persie Bray all travelled to Jakarta, Indonesia for a one-month internship associated with the Sekolah Pelita Harapan (Schools of Light and Hope) schools there. Not your typical summer break!

Encouraging Words

From time to time we receive encouraging notes and e-mails from former students, and we like to pass them on to you, too:

  • A recent MED graduate recently encouraged one of his teachers to enroll. After his first summer here, he wanted to know how things had gone, so he wrote to ask. Following is a portion of their e-mail exchange:

    "So, tell me about your time at Covenant."
    "You told me that it would be excellent; you didnít tell me it would be life-changing."

    That MED graduate went on to write:

    "If I could do it again, based on my grad experience at Covenant, Iíd have gone to Covenant for undergrad in a heartbeat. You all are doing great work there, and Iím thrilled that two of my friends and co-workers are having the same kind of experience I enjoyed while there."

  • A recent BSECE student wrote the following about her new experiences as a certified teacher:

    "I am the first to realize that I have so much MORE to learn, but I feel what I received from Covenant sets me apart from other teachers. More than anything else in the BSECE program, I was taught and given the ability to reflect, think before reacting, and to always keep learning. I know it was the hand of God on my life that put me at Covenant. I am very thankful that each of you has allowed God to be the Master in your lives. Your love for God, learning, teaching, and students set you all apart from other professors. Thank you for giving."


Faculty Happenings

In addition to the three weeks Steve Kaufmann spent at the Christian International School of Prague in May (see Spring Newsletter), he also taught two weeks in August in Hungary. The course, which was taken by 51 teachers, highlights Christian approaches to teaching. Significantly, the teachers who completed the course were able to update their Hungarian state teaching certification.

Daphne Haddad and Becky Pennington took a group of middle grades Education students to the annual Middle Level Education Conference.

Covenant students at Middle Grades Convention

Middle Grades students Sara Schaaf, Michah Myers, and Amy Verner attending the annual Middle Level Education Conference at Georgia College and State University in October. Drs. Haddad and Pennington travelled with the students to Milledgeville.

Jack Beckman has been busy on several projects:

  • Jack presented the keynote lecture, "The Two Towers - Charlotte Mason in an Age of No Child Left Behind," at the ChildLight Conference at Gardner-Webb University in June.
  • An article, "'Faithful Presence' - Dissonance and Distinctive in the Work of the School Head," will appear in Christian Educators Journal this fall.
  • He is writing the open paper, "Paradigm Reframed" for a ChildLight curriculum project.
  • And, he is the second reader for two Gardner Webb doctoral students completing work on doctorates involving Charlotte Masonís philosophy and model.

Amy Bagby and Elaine Tinholt attended the "Education as Formation: Christian Approaches" conference through the Kuyers Institute at Calvin College in October.

"Professional Learning Communities" by Jim Drexler appeared in the fall edition of Christian School Education. In addition, Jim travelled in October to offer workshops and in-service training at Taejeon Christian School, Central Christian Academy, and Gyeonggi Suwon International School in Korea and Morrison Academy in Taiwan.

Fall on the Covenant campus

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