Constitution Day Guest Lecture, Sept. 17

Dr. Ernest Freeberg, professor of history at the University of Tennessee, will speak at Covenant College on Constitution Day, September 17, 2008.

Dr. Freeberg will discuss his recently published book Democracy's Power: Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent.

The event, hosted by Covenant College's Department of History and Pre-Law Society, begins at 4:00 pm in Sanderson Hall 102, and the public is invited.


The views expressed by Covenant sponsored speakers and other college guests do not necessarily represent the views of Covenant College or its constituencies.

Raeanne Curtis '17, Gabby Powell '17 & Chase Waller '18 describe a project they participated in for a class on the Civil War era taught by Dr. Alicia Jackson.

"History of the Modern Middle East with Dr. Green. Everything I’ve learned so far in that class has been about people and events that greatly impacted the world today and none of the events are as simple as the news would make it seem. History has become more complex and more important for my understanding of the world since I’ve started the class."
 - international studies major Henry Overos '16