2010-2011 President's Report

Donors to Capital Projects

The following supporters made gifts to Covenant’s capital projects between July 1, 2010, and June 30, 2011. Capital projects is one of the three primary strategic priorities of the BUILD campaign. Gifts to capital projects fund construction of Andreas Hall and Brock Hall, as well as the renovation of Kresge Memorial Library and Carter Hall and expansion of athletic facilities.

The recognizes those persons who have made gifts to Covenant College for five or more consecutive years.


Addis Alemayehu ('09)

Charysse Alexander ('82)

David Alexander ('84)

Dwight and Mary Allen

Robert and Ann Avis

Ed and Louise Barnes

Frank and Mary Anne Barnes

Nathan ('06) and Elizabeth (Martin '09) Beers

Joel ('62) and Carol (Jackson '71) Belz

Thomas and Mary Anne Bradford

Stephen and Brenda Briggs

Van and Karen ('83) Brown

William and Lynn Burdette

J. Render ('69) and Linda (Jackson '69) Caines

David and Autumn (Fredericks '01) Christensen

Harold Cobb ('82)

Andrew McFarlane ('98) and Jessica (Terry '00) Cook

Kimberley Crawford ('96)

Christopher Cushenbery ('04)

Scott ('89) and Amy (Marshall '89) Dillon

Troy ('93) and Sarah (Howlett '97) Duble

Debbi (Scott) Dutton ('92)

Richard ('03) and Kristyn (Borger '02) Everett

Christopher ('05) and Lindsey (Latta '05) Fain

Kenneth Farmer, III (Trippy '96)

David Fidati ('06)

Andrew ('93) and Deanna (DePaul '93) Fiol

Bruce ('60) and Judith (Kesselring '61) Fiol

Timothy and Rachel (Gleason '00) George

Steven ('94) and Jenny (Belz '92) Gienapp

Daniel Gilbert ('08)

Jack and Orletta Gillikin

Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Good

Ralph and Joan Gore

Philip ('90) and Rebecca (Thompson '90) Greninger

Joshua ('99) and Sarah (Baker '99) Hager

Gary and Farole Haluska

David ('01) and Philana (Martinez '02) Hancock

John ('73) and Patrizia Harley

Bradley ('70) and Kathy (Neal '71) Harris

Duncan and Debbie Highmark

Chris ('95) and Kelly Hitchcock

Hugh and Charlotte Huffaker

Aaron and Tatiana (Trevor '06) James

Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis

Peter ('00) and Mandi (Viverette '00) Johnson

James and Judy Jolly

Kathryn Kimball ('09)

David and Linda Lucas

Anna Lueck ('10)

Fredrick ('03) and Leslie (Pfister '04) Lutz

Erica Mackie ('09)

John ('96) and Julie (Harris '97) Marino

David and Harriet Marshall

Jonathan McClellan ('06)

Joanna McGill ('10)

Michael and Charlotte (Collison '95) McLaughlin

Drs. James and Sue (Davenport '90) Miller

C. John and Reva Miller

Katherine Mitchell ('05)

David and Lynne Morrow

Randy ('72) and Joan (McRae '71) Nabors

David Nielson ('10)

Niel and Kathleen Nielson

Stephen and Carolyne Nielson

Thomas and Ruthellen Norman

Leanne Orwig

Steven and Minna (Pesnell '81) Overman

Dennis and Montague Painter

Benjamin and Betsy Pangle

Robert ('99) and Elizabeth (O'Leary '99) Peck

Nathan ('84) and Angela (Graziano '86) Pifer

Peter ('76) and Pamela (Daniels '75) Polk

Matthew ('01) and Nicole (Horton '01) Potoshnick

Robert ('72) and Florence Rayburn

George ('88) and Jacqueline (Smith '87) Robertson

Gordon ('74) and Karin (Stout '74) Robson

David ('80) and Patricia (Burton '80) Rountree

Marshall ('87) and Suellen (Wilson '86) Rowe

Timothy ('02) and Bethany (Boulton '02) Rowe

Adrienne Saxon ('10)

Scott Schindler ('10)

Andrew ('01) and Virginia (Blair '01) Schmidt

Carolyn Sinclair ('74)

Adam ('08) and Erika Skrivan

Peter and Judy Slavovsky

Michael and Mary Sligh

Stephen ('69) and Annette Sligh

Gordon ('75) and Jennifer Sluis

Gregory ('90) and Michele Smith

Amy Smrcina ('07)

Kristine Solis ('07)

Stephen ('03) and Elena

John ('00) and Angela Sweet

Jarrod ('00) and Lindsay Taylor

John and Sharon (Duffney '79) Tierney

John and Joann Tolson

James ('94) and Samantha (Mitchell '97) Van Steenburg

Thomas and Esther (Potoshnick '99) Vandrunen

Robert ('90) and Liza (McGee '90) Vannoy

Michael ('97) and Rachel (Wanaselja '97) Vonhof

David ('84) and Catherine (Childs '84) Washburn

Mark and Joanna (Wykoff '07) Watne

Scott ('75) and Martha (Van Gorkom '76) Wert

Perry and Jennifer Westerman

Bruce and Mary Williams

Robert and Lisa Wood

Daniel ('01) and Kristin (Fray '01) Wykoff

Peter Yagel ('10)

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