Core Team


Alec Burriss

Alec Burriss ’19



Hedgesville, WV


Favorite part of Orientation

Engaging with new students




Annie Minton

Annie Minton ’18



Macon, GA


Favorite part of Orientation

The O-Show is always my favorite part of orientation. I love seeing everyone's different ideas and watching creative juices flow on stage.




Molly Lattner

Molly Lattner ’19



Birmingham, AL


Favorite part of Orientation

I love Chattanooga night! We get a chance to introduce our new students to the amazing city they will be living in for the next four years! Also, Orientation Week culminates in the O-Show, one of the greatest showcases of the talent and humor found on Covenant's campus.


Promotional video released by the Chattanooga, Tennessee Visitors Bureau.

New students got a taste of downtown Chattanooga fun during Orientation week.
Chattanooga | Dr. Sandy Shaw
Listen to Dr. Sandy Shaw talk about the perks of living near Chattanooga.