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Student Profile: Rachel Cohen ’13

Covenant College Student Profile Rachel Cohen

Class Year


Chattanooga, Tennessee




Intramural sports, music events on campus, hanging out with friends, playing guitar and writing music, reading memoirs and theological books, spending time at local coffee shops.


Favorite place on campus
I’d have to say either the Great Hall or the chapel lawn. The Great Hall is obviously a place where all the students go daily, and it’s clearly busy year round. (Everyone has to eat, right?) However, during the sunny early fall and spring months, the chapel lawn is always full of people playing soccer, tossing a frisbee around, doing homework, eating ice cream, and just hanging out.


Why did you choose Covenant?
There was a major factor that played into my decision to come to Covenant, which was its closeness to home, enabling me to best deal with some family issues. Regarding the college itself, I was attracted to its commitment to truly live out its motto, “In all things Christ preeminent.” From residence life to the classroom to intramural sports to conversations in the Great Hall—everywhere you go, there are people who seek to glorify Christ in all aspects of life.


How is Covenant unique?
One thing that sets Covenant apart from other schools is its Christ-centered community, which is especially lived out in the residence halls on campus. The student development and residence life staff are intentional about facilitating growth, maturation, gospel-shaped relationships, and the connection that exists between the classroom and the dorm room.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
I’d have to go with Student Appreciation Day. Once a year, the entire faculty and staff of the college wear t-shirts that say, “I Love Covenant Students.” There are treats all day long including free ice cream, prize drawings, awesome food in the Great Hall, and free Starbucks coffee in the morning. It was humbling to see my professors and other staff members going an extra mile to serve me and express their love for me.


What is your favorite class?
That's a tough choice, but I would have to say “Intro to Youth Ministry” with Len Teague. He's been working in youth ministry for over 25 years, and his wisdom is invaluable. Although it is technically a course on youth ministry, it's really about relational ministry in general. I think that every person would benefit greatly from taking it.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you?
I have been impacted so deeply by so many people at Covenant, but I'll have to say Abby Sherratt Rietema. She was my resident director during my freshman and sophomore years, and the way that she invested in me and nurtured things that she saw in me was so meaningful. I could always swing by her apartment for a good cry, some fits of laughter, and always a listening ear. She taught me so much about the gospel, about soaking up life, about making hard decisions, and about living fully in each season the Lord has us in.


What’s your favorite part of the day at Covenant?
I love the hours between 4-8 pm. The majority of students are done with classes by 4 pm, and that block of time is when everyone usually takes a break before delving into mounds of homework. It’s the time during the day when you can take your time eating dinner in the Great Hall, go on a walk with a good friend, or join in a game of pick-up soccer on the chapel lawn.


What are your post-graduation plans?
I will be moving to Orlando, FL to pursue a master's degree in theological studies at Reformed Theological Seminary. While studying there, I will also be working at Orangewood Presbyterian Church in the youth ministry.


How is Covenant equipping you for the future?
Because of Covenant’s commitment to the integration of faith and academics, I am challenged to apply Scriptural truths to all the courses I take. The professors here teach truth, whether or not it is discovered by a Christian. They help us learn how to discern truth from falsity and they teach us how to properly use Scripture in that process. Not only do the professors equip us, but the student development staff and the student body here at Covenant push us to live out the gospel in the context of a Christian community, as well as provide ample opportunities for us to engage the culture with the gospel.



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