Student Profile: Hannah Copeland '14

Hannah Copeland


Class Year


Fredericksburg, VA


Community Development and Music


Music: Piano


Residence Hall and Floor
Carter Hall, 5N


Campus Activities Board, Neal Conference Committee, Growers’ Club, Music Ensembles, Running, Dancing as much as possible


Favorite place on campus
As much as I’d love to be unique and come up with a place no one else has said is their favorite place on campus, I honestly have to say my number one pick is the Great Hall. Friends and food is a combo that is hard to beat. So many hours of laughter and great conversation have taken place in the Great Hall, not to mention the creative meals, food art, and so on.
Close runners-up are the cross-country trails and the library. The cross-country trails are beautiful and the perfect place to have some alone time and go running. I love the library for the distraction it guarantees in the form of friends as much as for the study space it offers.


Honors received at Covenant
Maclellan Scholarship, Dean’s List


Why did you choose Covenant?
Probably the same reasons most other people choose Covenant. It was one of the first colleges I ever visited and I was immediately impressed by the sense of community, both within the student body and with students and professors. No other college I visited ever had a sense of community that came close to matching what I saw at Covenant.


How is Covenant unique?
Just to name a few factors: a place to eat that is called “the Great Hall” (Hogwarts, anyone!?), Yellow Deli in Chattanooga (delicious food and no closing time make it the perfect location for late night study and conversations), downtown Chattanooga in general (great pizza, ice cream, parks, and more!), professors who are up for grabbing lunch or chatting in their offices, exciting history (are there really ghosts in Carter Hall?), lots of connections with people on the mountain and in the city, bagpipes, beautiful trails, mountain views and sunsets unlike any you’ve ever seen, great student bands, and so much more.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
One of my favorite experiences at Covenant is a recurring one. Within our first month of freshman year, my four roommates and I started a tradition of "chips & queso" late on Sunday nights. Usually all the queso is gone within ten minutes and we spend the next hour or two talking about just about anything under the sun and laughing till it hurts.
Another one of my favorite experiences was the entirety of last year’s snow week. We all got back from Christmas break the day before Georgia got enough snow for classes to be cancelled for a whole week. Sledding day and night, snowball fights, lots of hot chocolate, sitting by the fire in Carter lobby, watching too many movies, and spending way too much time making a music video with friends were just a few things that made snow week wonderful.


What is your favorite class, and why?
So far, either “Doctrine I” with Kapic or “Living and Working in a Multicultural Context” with Corbett. I have loved both so much because they have not just been classes that add to what I already know; they have both been classes that made me reconsider much of what I believe and why I believe it. I’ve loved so many other classes at Covenant, but these two have probably had the most impact on shaping me as a person.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
I’m going to go ahead and use all my roommates as my “person.” Naomi Belz, Rebekah Taft, Molly Anderson, Hannah Irwin, and AnnaKatharine Horne have all taught me so much about what it means to live life fully with others. I don’t think a group of roommates could be much more varied in personality as we are, but I’ve been blessed to come to understand the character of God through each of their different strengths. At the end of the day, the things we do have in common (lots of laughter, dance parties in the room, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, our need for grace, and most importantly, Jesus Christ) coupled with our differences make life with these friends great!


What’s your favorite part of the day at Covenant?
Lunch in the Great Hall. Everyone’s just tired enough from morning classes that they need a break, but still optimistic enough about how much they can accomplish in the afternoon that everyone is in a great mood by the time they get to lunch. Lunch in the Great Hall is for me synonymous with friends and food, both of which I love a lot.


What are your post-graduation plans?
Long-term, I hope to work in urban U.S. development. Right now I’m very interested in seeing how the local food movement could be partnered with community development initiatives to bring positive change to low-income, inner-city communities.


How is Covenant equipping you for the future?
Covenant hasn’t just been about adding to my knowledge base or making me “more spiritual.” Friends I’ve made, professors I’ve been able to learn under, and academic materials I’ve interacted with have all served not only to make me learn but also to help me work out who I am called to be and what I am called to do for the kingdom of God. Being able to learn in an environment that emphasizes purposefulness has made all the difference in the way I view my studies.

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