Student Profile: Anna Hankal '16

Anna Hankal


Class Year


Powder Springs, GA


Computer Science


Cyber Security


Residence Hall and Floor
Carter, Fourth North


Varsity Cross Country, RUF small group leader, IT intern for a karaoke startup in Chattanooga, Chattanooga House of Prayer


Favorite place on campus
The cross country trails when they’re covered in snow.


Honors received at Covenant
Dean’s List, All-Conference Second Team—USA South (cross country)


Why did you choose Covenant?
The Lord made it clear that this was where I needed to be in order to prepare for a life of ministry. There could not be a better place or a better community for this preparation, and I continually get glimpses of just how good and gracious the Lord was to me in putting me here. I never could have even imagined how much I needed Covenant or how much of a blessing it would be.


How is Covenant unique?
Very few colleges or universities hold Scripture and its priority in our lives so high, and I think that is what stands out to me the most. I believe that it stands as the foundational reason for Covenant’s success in raising up godly young adults to serve the Lord in the workplace and throughout the world.

Also, I remember the first few weeks I came here, the genuine welcome and friendliness of everyone just shocked me. I knew it would be a Christian community, but even then, it was surprising just how great everyone is. Cliché or not, it’s actually true here.

The professors (specifically my computer science professor Dr. Hunt) and the one-on-one time they have spent pouring into me has also completely changed the way I look at my career and serving the Lord. Dr. Hunt has been constantly serving me and helping me since the first week I got here, and so many doors have opened for me because of him. Many college students never get such an opportunity with their professors, and I feel specifically that that experience with Dr. Hunt and the rest of my professors is unique.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
This past fall, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers were poured into the success that we came to at the end of our cross-country season. My team is my family, and Coach Stanford and Coach Tera have been phenomenal in their sacrifice and guidance for us. Because of a combination of all of these things, we as a team had the blessing of seeing our guys win the conference meet and our girls coming in a close second with one of my teammates, Beth, winning the individual conference title as well.

My best memory and experience at Covenant so far has been crossing the finish line and feeling the unmatched joy of a successful race—a race that has stemmed from the hard work that we all put in individually and as a team. Our region meet this year was so fun for me, and competing seriously at a big Division III meet was one of the most exciting and invigorating things I have ever done. I am a huge running fanatic, and everything about my running experience at Covenant has been beyond what I could have ever asked for. I know I will always look back to it happily, even if there were a lot of mountains we had to run up around here, or a lot of times I felt like my lungs almost exploded at swim practice, or a lot frozen walks up to Carter after ice baths. Cross country here just can’t be beat!


What is your favorite class so far?
My database systems class has been my favorite so far.


What made that class your favorite?
It’s been so fun to dive right in to such real world things my first year here, and I have really loved learning how databases are used everywhere in all sorts of business contexts. It’s such a tangible skill set, and I always feel accomplished when I learn something new. It’s been so helpful within the computer science field to understand a little about how databases work, and it’s also been a great help in obtaining internships and summer opportunities.


What are some things you enjoy about your major(s)?
Computer Science is such a challenging and rewarding major here. A lot of hours are spent pouring into labs and projects, but it is such a great feeling to work through a problem and come to a solution and realize how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come. I had not even touched anything in computer science before I came to Covenant, so it is all brand new to me and that challenge is so healthy and good for me. I have learned the importance of teamwork and asking for help when you need it. I have learned to think in a whole new way, and I absolutely love the problem solving skills that my day to day classes require of me.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Dr. Hunt, my computer science professor, has truly been a blessing straight from the Lord. I will drop by his office all the time with some question or another, and his door is always open. He takes me in with a smile and has sacrificed so much of his time just to help me and listen to me and work with me to allow me to be the best student I can possibly be here. His selflessness in serving his students shocks me continually.


What’s your favorite part of the day at Covenant?
The sunrises (when I can wake up for them) and the sunsets are by far my favorite part of the day. For some reason all of the colors seem to be on steroids up here, and as cheesy as it may sound, God’s creation is truly on full display as the sun rises and sets against the backdrop of the mountains. Every day, I continue to be awed and humbled by the beauty that surrounds us living here. I have a feeling that when I look back on my life someday, I will easily be able to say this was the most beautiful place I ever lived.


What are your post-graduation plans?
I have a heart for world missions and long to serve in the area of bible translation one day. There is a big IT need in that field, so I hope to apply my computer science degree as well as some of my biblical languages and linguistics classes towards that end one day.


How is Covenant equipping you for the future?
Covenant is not only equipping me with the knowledge and education I need for the career and ministry I hope for one day, but it is providing a safe environment for me to grow, learn, and even make mistakes as I discover what it means to be a woman of God wholly bent on His approval and His glory. I want to look back on these years as some of the most sanctifying and formative in my life and in my faith.