Andreas Hall Residence Life Staff


Resident Director Chris Stern

Chris Stern
Resident Director




Years worked at Covenant

This will be my fourth year



Chicago, IL


Church I attend

Rock Creek Fellowship


College(s) attended and degrees earned

Majored in Biblical and Theological Studies with a Missions Concentration and an Economics Minor. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Higher Education from Geneva College.


Best residence life memory from my college days

Playing soccer with The Five Points and Chi Alpha


Favorite way to spend a Saturday

Sleep in, bacon, eggs, and coffee for breakfast, watch a Liverpool game, read, spend time with friends, dinner with my wife, watch a movie or play a game with friends, go to bed…


Three words to describe life in Andreas

Jocose, Accessible, Sanguine


Best thing about my job

Working and living in a context that is conducive to fostering deep and lasting relationships




Resident Assistant Justin Jantomaso ’15

Justin Jantomaso ’15
Resident Assistant, Bloodfield




Lynchburg, VA


Favorite class taken at Covenant

I really enjoyed Dr. Green’s Introduction to History class. It changed the way I view history and the making of it.


What the residents on my hall can expect

A Christ centered brotherhood of guys having a legitimately swell time.


What I'm all about

Jesus Christ, wrestling my roommate, running, singing in the shower and the USA.




Resident Assistant Becca Robinson ’17

Becca Robinson ’17
Resident Assistant, Imani



Economics & Community Development



Mason, OH


Favorite class taken at Covenant

Microeconomics with Dr. Wescher and Theory of Community Development with Dr. Fikkert and Professor Corbett. These professors challenged me and confirmed my love for these subjects.


What the residents on my hall can expect

Imani residents can expect to be welcomed into a second family. They should anticipate a lot of fun memories as well as deep, meaningful conversations with their hallmates.


What I'm all about

I’m all about spending time with people! Also, I love playing sports, spending time in the sun, doing crafts, and reading long books.




Resident Assistant Sarah Fink ’17

Sarah Fink ’17
Resident Assistant, The Fritz



English & French



Milford, MI


Favorite class taken at Covenant

Old and New Testament with Dr. Ward. It is so amazing to be refreshed by the gospel message each class period and to dig deeper into scripture.


What the residents on my hall can expect

A place filled with fun and laughter, where we can come together as sisters to love, support, and encourage each other and draw closer to our Savior.


What I'm all about

Laughing, chilling, dance parties, heart to heart conversations, tea, reading, sports, Sundays, the outdoors.




Resident Assistant Noah Wiersema ’16

Noah Wiersema ’16
Resident Assistant, Ithaca



Philosophy & Religion, Mathematics


Favorite class taken at Covenant

Formal Logic with Dr. Davis. The homework made my logical part happy.


What the residents on my hall can expect

Community. Not just somewhere to sleep, but somewhere to live life with brothers. To be sharpened in Christ as we in turn sharpen others.


What I'm all about

“But the King [David] said to Aravnah, ‘No, but I will buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing.” -2 Samuel 24:24




Resident Assistant Sarah Withers ’17

Sarah Withers ’17
Resident Assistant, Kallah



Philosophy, Education



Carrollton, TX


Favorite class taken at Covenant

Introduction to Philosophy. I enjoyed discussing tough questions and at the end of each class being able to rest in the certainty of the gospel amidst all the uncertainty.


What the residents on my hall can expect

Residents can expect to be a part of our spunky, energetic, active, loyal and loving Kallah community.


What I'm all about

Stories, laughing, sports, verbal hashtags, my dog Ginger, and Jesus Christ my savior.




Resident Assistant Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers ’16
Resident Assistant, Ruhama



Elementary Education and Community Development



Doylestown, PA


Favorite class taken at Covenant

Living and Working in a Multicultural Context with Professor Corbett. It was extremely interesting and changed the way that I understood culture.


What the residents on my hall can expect

The residents on my hall can expect a lot of fun and laughter as well as a real community of girls who do life together.


What I'm all about

Spontaneous adventures and having a good time. I’m really fun-loving and enjoy getting to know people, but most of all I’m passionate about Jesus and want to live a life that glorifies Him!



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