The Process

The Center for Calling & Career is intentionally designed to provide a streamlined, guided experience into the professional working world through college and that process begins the first day a Freshman steps on campus. All students take Christian Mind their first semester at Covenant and, as a part of that class, complete a CareerDirect assignment which begins the career exploration process.


From there, the office is available to any and all students whenever needed to provide individually-tailored guidance. Students are encouraged to follow a general outline of career development in college, but are welcome to make an appointment at any time to discuss specific questions, goals, and opportunities. By intentionally identifying and addressing the needs and talents of each individual student, a practical plan of action can be developed so that the security in God’s vocational calling is always apparent.


Several resources are available to students through the Center for Calling & Career including individual meetings, career testing, workshops, seminars, and on-campus recruiters. These programs focus on self-assessment, career research, bridge building, job search skills and graduate studies assistance. Additionally, the office is persistently in contact with the student body and identified employers in order to effectively find and communicate career opportunities to those interested.


In general, students should follow a relatively formulated career development path in order to stay on track, but this process is regularly augmented on an individual basis to better serve the students the office seeks to serve. By following such a process, the Center for Calling & Career seeks to walk alongside students as they grow in their understanding of personal skills and desires while broadening their understanding of God’s specific calling in their lives.


For Freshmen...

  • Exploring individual interests
  • Developing appropriate goals
  • Researching all available resources
  • Beginning the self-assessment / career exploration process


For Sophomores...

  • Focusing researching on particular occupations
  • Initiating interactive occupational exploration
    • Informational interviews
    • Shadowing experiences
  • Initial discussions regarding graduate school


For Juniors...

  • Pursuing experiential education
    • Internships
    • Practicums
  • Conducting graduate school research
  • Graduate school application & testing


For Seniors...

  • Polishing résumé writing skills
  • Networking
  • Developing interviewing skills
  • Graduate school application & testing

Jim discusses how the Center for Calling & Career has equipped him to boldly pursue his future career and calling.

Emmett reflects on the process of putting classroom learning into practice as he pursues a writing career.