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Off-Campus Study Opportunities


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Approved Semester Off-Campus Study Programs
Students may study off-campus while remaining enrolled as full time students at Covenant by participating in approved off-campus study programs. Approved programs include: programs directed by Covenant College, student programs offered by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and other cooperative programs that are approved through Covenant College academic departments. See below for a current list of approved programs:


Student Programs of The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities:

The CCCU Student Programs provide excellent opportunities for studying abroad in various locations throughout the world. Domestic "Culture-Shaping Programs" include the American Studies Program, Contemporary Music Center, Los Angeles Film Studies Center, and the Washington Journalism Center. International "Culture-Crossing Programs" include the Australia Studies Centre, China Studies Program, Latin American Studies Program, Middle East Studies Program, Scholars Semester in Oxford, and the Uganda Studies Program.


Semester in Spain:

Semester in Spain is a study abroad program of Trinity Christian College. This Spanish immersion program, located in Seville, Spain, offers Spanish courses on four levels, which serve the needs of most students of Spanish, whether they wish to fulfill a specific course requirement, earn credits toward a degree in Spanish, or simply learn the language. The program combines challenging academic study with opportunities for students to practice what they learn. Programs are available for Fall or Spring Terms.


Semester in Aix-en-Provence, France:

This semester abroad program is designed for students who are interested in studying French language and culture while experiencing everything Aix-en-Provence has to offer. Students take courses offered through the Institut d'Etudes Françaises Pour Etudiants Etrangers (IEFEE), a center of the University Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III dedicated to teaching French. The IEFEE is regarded as one of the best French-language teaching centers in the country. All classes are taught in French and are available to students of various language levels from high beginner to superior. This program is available only in the Spring Semester due to schedule conflicts with Covenant's academic calendar.


Semester in Aix-en-Provence, France:  French Honors Program and The Marchutz School of Fine Arts

Through IAU College, students can enroll in the Marchutz Fine Arts program or the French Honors program in Fall or Spring. The Marchutz School of Fine Arts aims to help students, who wish to study art in France, sharpen their visual perceptions of the world around them, decipher their emotional responses to these perceptions, and through an holistic (studio, historical, and critical) discipline, relate their discoveries to an intensive investigation of the nature and aim of art. The French Honors Program is designed for French Majors or other students with demonstrated advanced level French, interested in a comprehensive language and cultural immersion program. Both programs include a homestay with a French family.


Semester in Paris, France:

This program, offered jointly by the CEA GlobalCampus in Paris and the University of Paris IV - Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne, is designed for students of all language levels who are interested in acquiring and improving their language skills while gaining a thorough education in French culture. This distinctive program offers study abroad students the opportunity to compliment their intensive language learning with elective study in the liberal arts and social sciences in various subjects, taught in English, including Art, Business, Cultural Studies, History, Literature, and Political Science.


Semester in Heidelberg, Germany
This program, for juniors, is connected to Universität Heidelberg - Germany's oldest university. Students will develop a more independent and self-reliant attitude towards learning. Students will gain a new perspective on their major field of study and will broaden understanding of European history and cultures. Since all courses are taught in German, language proficiency will increase rapidly. These new language skills allow more ease of assimilation into German life and culture. Students live in dorms or shared apartments with German students. This program is of special interest to German Studies majors.

Semester in Jerusalem, Israel

This program through the Jerusalem University College offers courses in the history, geography, culture, religions, and languages of ancient biblical times and the modern Middle East, providing rich insights into the past and a meaningful cross-cultural experience. Semester students travel the land from Dan to Beersheba, take field trips throughout Egypt and Jordan depending on the program of study in which they are enrolled. Highly qualified faculty members from a variety of cultures and traditions help students learn to use the historical, geographical, archaeological, cultural and linguistic data in the interpretation of Scripture. They further the students' understanding of the interplay of ideologies and customs in the political, social, and historical relationships of the Middle East.  Note: Students who participate in this program will not be eligible for federal Title IV funds.

East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University:

The East Asia Institute at Tokyo Christian University is a one-semester program that lets you meet the people in their home setting, experience for yourself their life, culture, and history, and gain a deep academic knowledge of this region. You may study the Japanese language at any level, from beginner on up to the most sophisticated. The one semester option provides a package of courses carefully tailored to give you a balanced knowledge of Japan and East Asia, a set of guided experiences to let you touch and taste the history, art, and modern economic power of the Japanese people, a homestay with a Japanese family, and the friendship of Japanese students and other international students. You will return home with a richer and deeper awareness of yourself as a world Christian. (100% of Covenant financial aid is applied for this study abroad program). This program does not satisfy the core foreign language requirement.



Spring Semester in Thailand:

This program is an intensive 12 week semester offering the unique opportunity to experience Thai life and understand Thai culture and society from an indigenous perspective. Students will be exposed to Thai society from a multidisciplinary perspective including history, sociology, anthropology, languages, politics, economics, education, family, and religion. Students will also be provided with an internship experience that will enable them to draw from their Christian value commitments as they serve others in religious, governmental, and educational institutions. Students will live with Thai families, take field trips, and spend time in a Karen tribal village in the foothills of the Himalayas (TEFL certification is an optional addition to the semester). Current semester information and photos are available here: 


Semester in Brussels, Belgium: 

As the center of the European Community, Brussels is the ideal place for students of varying interests and major areas of study to enrich their undergraduate experience. Located in the heart of Brussels, Vesalius College provides an ideal venue for students to get the most out of a European Study Abroad opportunity. Over 300 international students from over 45 nationalities attend Vesalius College every semester, providing a truly cosmopolitan and culturally enriching environment. With class instruction in English, associated with a Dutch-language university and located in a French/Dutch bilingual city, Vesalius College offers something for everyone.


Go ED:

Go ED is a study-abroad program that partners with international relief and development organizations across the globe, embedding students in select regions and countries to learn, study and experience life from an indigenous perspective. The program operates in some of the most poverty-stricken regions of the world, in the belief that light, beauty and hope continue to thrive in these hard places, and that they offer profound lessons to those who are willing to learn. Go-Ed programs are available in Africa and in the Mekong region. Students spend 16 weeks in their chosen location, attending four 3-credit classes during the semester and participating in a four-week field practicum project.


Approved May Term and Summer Off-Campus Study Programs


May Term Off-Campus Programs Directed by Covenant:
Various May Term off-campus study programs are offered depending on professor availability and student interest. Recent opportunities have included programs in Athens, Budapest, China, and Rome. May Term 2012 offers programs in Brazil and New York City.


The Oxford Summer Programme:

The Oxford Summer Programme is a 5 week program provided by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Seminars and tutorials are available under the direction of expert Oxford academics in the areas of History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, English Literature, the History of Art, and History of Science.


Summer Term in Spain:

The Semester in Spain summer term is a 3 and a half week program of Trinity Christian College. Students may stay for one or two terms. Students choose one 4 credit course per term. All courses are taught in Spanish.


Summer Term in Brussels:

Situated in Brussels, "The Capital of Europe," Vesalius College offers students a unique summer experience. Lasting just six weeks, the Summer Session gives students a focused academic program and the opportunity to experience and explore the best of European culture and travel.


Summer in Heidelberg, Germany:

Spend six weeks in Heidelberg, Germany, taking Intermediate and Advanced German along with other courses at Universität Heidelberg - Germany's oldest university, while living with a German family. All courses are taught in German, and excursions to Berlin and elsewhere are included.



Summer Term in France:

Programs are offered during June and July in both Aix en Provence and Paris. The Intensive Language program in Aix is designed for students at the high beginner level and above who wish to acquire and improve their French language skills in a short, intensive period. The French Culture & Society program in Paris focuses on providing an intensive and profound exploration of subjects, taught in English, ranging from the foundations of French History to current issues in International Politics and business issues. Instructors concentrate on adapting their courses to the city of Paris, using its streets, museums, markets, and people as an endless source of course material.


The Au Sable Institute:

The mission of Au Sable Institute is the integration of knowledge of the Creation with biblical principles for the purpose of bringing the Christian community and the general public to a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God's Creation. All of its programs and activities are structured to allow, and are conducted for, promotion of Christian environmental stewardship. This includes persistent dedication to exemplary Christian stewardship in its planning, operations, programs, and outreach.


The World Journalism Institute:

The mission of the World Journalism Institute is to recruit, equip, place and encourage journalists who are Christians in the mainstream newsrooms of America.


For more information regarding off-campus study policies and approved programs, please contact Christiana Fitzpatrick at or 706.419.1279.