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Temperature 69.6° Rain Rate 0.00   in/hr
Humidity 75% Today's Rain 0.01   in
Wind ESE at 0.0 mph Wind Chill 69.6°
Barometer 29.911 in & Rising Slowly Heat Index 70.4°

High Temperature
recorded at 5:39pm
79.8° High Barometer
recorded at 8:40am
29.950   in
Low Temperature
recorded at 7:39am
61.1° Low Barometer
recorded at 5:41pm
29.871   in
High Humidity
recorded at 11:02am
99% High Rain Rate
recorded at 7:00am
0.01   in/hr
Low Humidity
recorded at 5:40pm
57% Low Wind Chill
recorded at 7:20am
High Wind Speed
recorded at 12:46am
11.0 mph High Heat Index
recorded at 5:38pm
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