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Lead Electrician

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Lead Electrician
Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Temporary w/ possibility of permanent status, Full-Time





Supervisor of Maintenance Operations

The Electrician is responsible to the Supervisor of M&O to oversee and maintain a safe campus with all electrical wiring and equipment consistent with Life/ Safety priorities.


  • Work on all emergencies, work requests, and special projects as assigned, including installation of conduit, wire or cable for branch circuits, and computer networks
  • Maintain and service electrical and lighting equipment on campus.  This includes certain campus fire alarm systems, emergency power supplies, campus P.A. systems, minor phone repair and extension installations, kitchen equipment, and water supply and treatment pumps, controls, and equipment  
  • Operate and service the utilities management computer and related climate control systems, and make sure program changes are made as necessary  to insure maximum efficiency of heating & cooling systems
  • Train and supervise student employees who have been assigned to the Electrical Shop, and instruct them in safe and responsible work practices. (Keep written record of training, list specifically what is covered.)
  • Requisition all materials and supplies as necessary to run the electrical shop efficiently and effectively.  This includes all paperwork assigned
  • Supervise the HVAC/Electrical Assistant
  • Perform work in a safe and responsible manner, maintaining a safe and orderly shop work area, as well as work sites on campus
  • Maintain familiarity with current "National Electrical Code."
  • Supervise and work with outside contractors as assigned, and consult with outside engineers and architects as assigned
  • Respond to after work hours call-in for emergencies, or to assist other shops if needed. (A radio pager is provided is provided for this purpose)
  • Perform and supervise work according to safety standards in potentially hazardous situations involving chemicals, a sewage treatment plant, heights on ladders and/or scaffolding, confined crawl spaces, and live and exposed electrical parts - up to 480 volts
  • Work with the HVAC Technician in such cases as emergencies or special projects, and cover the duties of the HVAC Shop when HVAC Technician is on vacation or sick, as directed by the Supervisor of M&O
  • Fulfill such other duties as assigned by the Supervisor of M & O


  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Able to drive college cars, trucks, and vans for errands, special events, and shuttle service; capable to operate lifts, including but not limited to an articulating boom lift
  • Ability to effectively interact with various constituencies of the college, both internal and external
  • Must be able to distinguish colors; have sufficient hearing to work safely and cooperatively; and carry/lift a minimum of 30 pounds
  • Strong initiative to complete tasks with minimal supervision


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years electrical experience
  • Possess at a minimum, valid Journeyman’s electrical license recognized by a local jurisdiction. Experience with low voltage technology such as fire alarm, security system, etc. preferred, but not required


  • An acceptance of and commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • An understanding of the mission and purpose of Covenant College
  • Must be able to assent to Covenant College’s Staff Commitments


  • Lifting, pushing, carrying, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, climbing, balancing, reaching, handling, fingering, feeling at least 50% of the day. 
  • Environmental conditions: humidity, heat, cold, wet conditions, noise, and vibration
  • Remain in a standing or stationary position at least 50% of the work day
  • Potentially hazardous situations/environments involving chemicals, solvents, vapors, heights, ladders, platforms, and confined crawl spaces 

Interested applicants should submit the following application materials to

  • Letter of interest
  • Résumé
  • Statement of faith


Dr. Scott Quatro

Dr. Scott Quatro discusses Covenant’s motto and how it is put into practice across the disciplines and departments.
Taken the evening of 10.13.2013 by Matt McLelland.