Title Speaker Posted
ScotsCast: Why Covenant Rob & Lisa Jenks, Covenant College Board Member & Covenant Parents 10.16.15
Learning to Love Academics and People 06.09.15
Mentored through Classes, Faculty and Staff 06.05.15
Shaped through Brokenness 06.05.15
Growing Together through Challenges 06.05.15
Growth through the Relationship of Academics and Community 06.05.15
Break on Impact in Clarkston, Georgia 05.22.15
Break on Impact in London, England 05.22.15
Studying Marketing at Covenant 05.22.15
Developing a Framework of the World 05.22.15
ScotsCast: A Place Students Can Embrace 04.08.15
A Semester in Japan 02.06.15
Why Come to a Place Like Covenant? 02.06.15
Celebrating Women in Computing 02.06.15
Advising Pre-Med Students 02.06.15
Engaging the Community through Music 02.06.15
ScotsCast: Sanctification Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 12.05.14
ScotsCast: Brow Wood Community Frank Brock, Former President of Covenant College 11.11.14
ScotsCast: Discovering the Castle in the Clouds Marie Alston, Longtime friend of the College 11.07.14
ScotsCast: Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 11.04.14
ScotsCast: Covenant's Move to Lookout Mountain Frank & Dottie Brock, Former President of Covenant College & Wife 11.03.14
ScotsCast: Campus Preview Weekend Sarah Swygard '13, Admissions Representative & Alumna 10.02.14
ScotsCast: A Midsummer Night's Dream Matthew Mindeman '17, Student 10.02.14
ScotsCast: Our Move-In Day Was 50 Years Ago Helen Piatt ’70 and Janis Putman ’68 , Alumnae 08.22.14
ScotsCast: The Center for Student Success Janet Hulsey & Sarah Ocando, Director of Academic Support & Director of Student Success 08.14.14
ScotsCast: Siblings on Senate Hannah '15 & Harris Stevens '15, Senior Class President & Student Body President 07.24.14
ScotsCast: Physical Education Classes Tim Sceggel '06, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Operations and Adjunct Instructor 07.09.14
ScotsCast: Physical Education Instructors Tim Sceggel '06, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance & Operations and Adjunct Instructor 07.09.14
ScotsCast: Shaped by Interdisciplinary Studies Brian Simons '13, Alumnus 06.18.14
ScotsCast: Called to Physical Therapy Matt Annessi '08, Alumnus 06.10.14
ScotsCast: Faithful Learning Dr. Jay Green, Professor of History 06.10.14
ScotsCast: Preparing for the Police Force with Sociology Damarise Turnbull '13, Alumna 05.23.14
ScotsCast: Fascinated by Linguistics Sarah Boone '14, Alumna 05.22.14
ScotsCast: Learning & Loving as a Whole Person Andrew Bankson '14 & Andrew Christenberry '14 , Alumni 05.20.14
ScotsCast: Transformed through Community Garrison Dale '14 & Grace Hooper '14, Alumni 05.19.14
ScotsCast: Studying Management in Sport at Covenant Catherine Kercher '13, Alumna 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Interdisciplinary Studies as Career Preparation Catherine Kercher '13, Alumna 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Three Semesters at Covenant Jordan Yeo '14, Student 04.21.14
ScotsCast: Impact Moment Rachael Luther '15, Student 04.09.14
ScotsCast: Boldly Pursuing My Calling Jim Hurt '15, Student 03.31.14
ScotsCast: Playing the Ugly Duckling in Honk! Jamison Shimmel '14, Student 03.24.14
ScotsCast: The Kids of Honk! Child Actors 03.24.14
ScotsCast: Break on Impact Ann Jones '14, Student 03.21.14
ScotsCast: Why Double Major? Chris Destigter '14, Student 02.28.14
ScotsCast: Chapel: A Call to Worship Rev. Grant Lowe, Chaplain 02.27.14
ScotsCast: Alumni Ventures: Ambition Micah Hausler '11, Alumnus 02.26.14
ScotsCast: Pursuing Nursing at Covenant Jeanna Belz '17, Student 02.26.14
ScotsCast: Scholarship Weekend 2014 Sarah Ocando, Associate Director of Admissions 02.05.14
ScotsCast: Giving to Provide Christian Education Jim Cox, Alumnus 02.03.14
ScotsCast: Interview Preparation | Mock Interview Day Anthony Tucker '99, Former Director, Center for Calling & Career 02.03.14
ScotsCast: Filmmaking & Philosophy Peter Garriott '09, Alumnus 01.17.14
ScotsCast: The Gift of Your Presence - A Pastor's Perspective Daniel Gilchrist, Pastor & Alumnus 01.08.14
ScotsCast: Programming Competition Success Keith Rice '16, Tim DeVries '17, & Nick Gilbert '17 12.17.13
ScotsCast: Playing in Covenant's Chamber Orchestra Heather Barker '16, Student 12.16.13
ScotsCast: Remembering Mandela Cathy Scott '94, Alumna 12.10.13
ScotsCast: Transferring to Covenant Bethany Doster '13, Student 12.06.13
ScotsCast: Playing Bagpipes at Covenant Emma Beers '14, Student 12.05.13
ScotsCast: Celebrating Christmas at Covenant Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 12.04.13
ScotsCast: Loving Covenant as a Family Sharon & Allen Duble '58 12.03.13
ScotsCast: Learning Humility in Covenant's Philosophy Club Michael Brown '14, Student & President of the Philosophy Club 11.27.13
ScotsCast: Thankful for Covenant Isaac Wardell '01, Alumnus 11.25.13
ScotsCast: Why a Hymn Festival? Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 11.14.13
ScotsCast: From Classroom to Career Emmett Gienapp '16, Student 11.14.13
ScotsCast: Endowment is Key Sam Smartt, Covenant College Foundation Board Member 11.01.13
ScotsCast | Theatre: "Waiting for the Paint to Dry" Kathryn Jenkins '12, Alumna 10.30.13
ScotsCast: From Covenant to a Think Tank Josh Good '98, Alumnus 10.29.13
ScotsCast: Why Study Computer Science at Covenant? John Lenk, Parent 10.28.13
ScotsCast: Influential Professors: Dr. John Wingard Michael Brown '14, Student 10.28.13
ScotsCast: Influential Professors: Dr. Lance Wescher Evan Weir '15, Student 10.11.13
ScotsCast: Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Christian Thought Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 10.08.13
ScotsCast: My Experience at Kenya's Westgate Mall Andrew Strickenburg '07, Alumnus 09.30.13
ScotsCast: Professors Who Go the Extra Mile Emily Kling Somerville '05, alumna 09.24.13
ScotsCast: Finding Fellowship at RUF Joanne Alfred and Scott Kelley, students 09.20.13
ScotsCast: Google Ambassador at Covenant John Holland '14 , Student 09.17.13
ScotsCast: International Internship: US Mission to the WTO Christian Masters '14, Student 09.11.13
ScotsCast: Professional Networking in College Ron Jones, Associate Professor of Business 09.05.13
ScotsCast: Summer Work at Covenant Neil Clement '13 , Alumnus 09.02.13
ScotsCast: The Covenant Endowment Dr. Frank Brock, Former President of Covenant College 08.27.13
ScotsCast: Empowering Communities Through Project:Restore Jonathan Adam '10, Alumnus 08.23.13
ScotsCast: Pre-Law Internships April Kent '13, alumna 08.16.13
ScotsCast: Discipleship & Covenant Softball Sara Russell, Head Softball Coach 08.13.13
ScotsCast: 2013-2014 Cross Country Season Outlook Katie Stanford, Head Cross Country Coach 08.12.13
Learning to Look Dr. Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt '04, Assistant Professor of Art 08.02.13
ScotsCast: God's Gift of Music Dr. Scott Finch '97, Associate Professor of Music 08.02.13
ScotsCast: Paying Student Loans & Giving to Covenant Hunt '11 and Tera '12 Davidson, Alumni 07.29.13
ScotsCast: What Sets Covenant Athletics Apart? Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 07.22.13
ScotsCast: Computer Science Internships Dr. John Hunt, Associate Professor of Computer Science 07.19.13
ScotsCast: Art and English Internships Walter Somerville '14 and Grant Thomas '14, Students 07.16.13
ScotsCast: The Christian Athlete Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 07.01.13
ScotsCast: Covenant Alumni in Chattanooga Sheldon Grizzle '03 and Enoch Elwell '12, Alumni 06.28.13
ScotsCast: Vision for Covenant Athletics Kyle Taylor, Athletics Director 06.27.13
ScotsCast: Alumni Entrepreneurs Sheldon Grizzle '03 and Enoch Elwell '12, Alumni 06.26.13
ScotsCast: Interdisciplinary Studies at Covenant Caroline Drexler '13, Alumna 06.19.13
ScotsCast: Women's Basketball Program Sarah Harris, Head Women's Basketball Coach 06.18.13
ScotsCast: Solving Equations and Worshiping God Dr. Curtis Stern, Professor of Engineering 06.12.13
ScotsCast: Covenant Baseball in the NCCAA World Series Doug Simons, Head Baseball Coach 06.11.13
ScotsCast: Why Visit Covenant? Sophy Beers '12 and Anne McNutt '12, Admissions Representatives 06.10.13
ScotsCast: The Challenge of Freedom at College Janet Hulsey, Director of Academic Support 06.06.13
ScotsCast: Center for Calling & Career - Four Years Later Anthony Tucker '99 and Leda Goodman '90, Director and Office Coordinator - Center for Calling & Career 06.04.13
ScotsCast: Student Growth through Residence Life Jonathan Ingraham '07, Associate Dean of Students 06.03.13
ScotsCast: Covenant's Master of Education Program Jonathan Swanner, M.Ed. graduate 05.30.13
ScotsCast: Community Development Internships Dr. Russell Mask, Associate Professor of Community Development 05.29.13
ScotsCast: The Practicality of the M.Ed. Program Robbie Steen, M.Ed. Student 05.24.13
ScotsCast: Immersion in the Language Lab Language Lab student tutors and administrator 05.17.13
ScotsCast: The Language Lab Anna Wiersema '12 and Zeiadee Khalil ’16, Alumna and Student 05.16.13
ScotsCast: Sending Homeschooled Students to Covenant Beverly Pelts and Daniel Pelts '16, Parent and Student 05.07.13
ScotsCast: Math Education at Covenant Dr. Sarah Donaldson, Assistant Professor of Education 05.02.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and Sacrificial Living 04.30.13
ScotsCast: Studying English as a Theatre Major Ann Jones '14, Student 04.15.13
ScotsCast: Taking the Core Classes Elisabeth Hooker '15, Student 04.11.13
ScotsCast: Working in the Library Sam Moreland '15, Student 04.10.13
ScotsCast: Choosing Theatre as a Major Ann Jones '14, Student 04.09.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Psycholinguistic Research Tatum Clinton '14 and Dr. Nola Stephens, Student and Assistant Professor of linguistics 04.08.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Research on Music's Effect on Memory Karen VanderHart '14 and Kenneth Burke '14, Students 04.08.13
ScotsCast: Presenting Research on Motivating Activism Emily Weaver '15 and Emelie Schaefer '15, Students 04.05.13
ScotsCast: Holy Week Dr. Ken Stewart, Professor of Theological Studies 03.28.13
ScotsCast: Giving for the Glory of God Will Dyer '11, Alumnus 03.25.13
ScotsCast: Living Off Campus Davey Hoffman '13, Student 03.20.13
ScotsCast: Teaching Sunday School while in College Valen Caldwell '15 and Lillian Arjona-Garzon '16, Students 03.18.13
ScotsCast: Moms in Prayer for Covenant Kelly Stevens and Connice Dyar, Mothers of Students 03.14.13
ScotsCast: Studying Math at Covenant Davey Hoffman '13, Student 03.13.13
ScotsCast: Dissections at Covenant Pieter de Groot '14 and Matthew Bazzel '13, Students 03.11.13
ScotsCast: Living Off Campus Shelby Knapke '13, Alumna 03.08.13
ScotsCast: The Faith of Stewardship Isaiah '11 and Kelly Smallman '12, Alumni 03.07.13
ScotsCast: The Pre-Engineering Program Jim Grauley '82, Alumnus 03.06.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and the Church Kevin Hughes '15, Student 03.04.13
ScotsCast: Growing at Covenant Brian '13 and Shelby Knapke Simons '13, Alumni 03.01.13
ScotsCast: Calling and Vocation Jim Grauley '82, Alumnus 02.28.13
ScotsCast: Leading Worship in Chapel Jasiri Young '15, Student 02.22.13
ScotsCast: Covenant and the Real World AnneMarie Rowe '13 and Susanna Griffith '13, Alumni 02.21.13
ScotsCast: Helping Students Find Careers Ben '11 and Ashley Baldwin '12, Alumni 02.18.13
ScotsCast: Your College Is Not the Church Chris Seo '14, Student 02.18.13
ScotsCast: Church and College Life Nate Sheldon '13 and Jung Shin '14, Students 02.14.13
ScotsCast: Conservation Week Matthew Bristley '13, Marcos Campbell '14, April Kent '13 02.12.13
ScotsCast: Other Denominations at Covenant Asia Taylor '13, Student 02.08.13
ScotsCast: Representing Covenant at Home 02.06.13
ScotsCast: Joining a Spanish-Speaking Church in Chattanooga Megan Sergeant '14, Student 02.06.13
ScotsCast: The Covenant College Foundation Bruce Williams and Allen Wright, members of the Covenant College Foundation board of trustees 02.01.13
ScotsCast: The Super Bowl as a Theology of Women Dr. Matt Vos, Professor of Sociology 02.01.13
ScotsCast: Basketball Teams Serving in Costa Rica Kiaira Cooper '14 and Nate Frierson '15, students 01.15.13
ScotsCast: Homeschoolers Applying to Covenant Amy Smith and Scott Schindler, Admissions Representatives 12.21.12
ScotsCast: The Campus Activities Board James Cunningham '14 and Hannah Copeland '14 , Students 12.19.12
ScotsCast: Church While in College Esther Ellis '13 and James Cunningham '14, Alumna and Student 12.14.12
ScotsCast: The Wilberforce Scholarship and Free Time Daniel Lloyd '16 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 12.12.12
ScotsCast: Covenant After Homeschooling Esther Ellis '13 and James Cunningham '14, Alumna and Student 12.11.12
ScotsCast: Twentieth Century World History Dr. Richard Follett, Professor of History 12.07.12
ScotsCast: Intramurals at Covenant Ian Dovan '13 , Student 12.03.12
ScotsCast: Playing Music at Covenant Matthew Van Stelle '14, Student 11.30.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and Depression in the Church Camellia Cornelius '15 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 11.20.12
ScotsCast: Core Values of Scots Basketball Kyle Taylor, Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach 11.15.12
ScotsCast: Dr. Nick Barker and the Writer in Residence Program Dr. Bill Tate and Dr. Jim Wildeman, Professor of English and former Professor of English 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Marketing: Presenting Our Product to Professionals Molly Anderson '14 and Rachael Auker '14, Students 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Speech & Debate Society Sarah Swygard '13 and Harris Stevens '15 , Alumna and Student 11.14.12
ScotsCast: Prayer and Colossians 1 Dr. Brian T. Fikkert, Professor of Economics & Community Development and Director of The Chalmers Center 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Prayer and Work Dr. Bill Tate , Professor of English 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Day of Prayer Sarah Swygard '13 and Harris Stevens '15 , Alumna and Student 11.12.12
ScotsCast: Homeschoolers and Covenant Ruth Gibson '13 and Brian Simons '13, Alumni 11.08.12
ScotsCast: Computer Science Competition Chris Lenk '14, Zach Smith '14, Sam Reid '15 11.07.12
ScotsCast: Engineering and Wilberforce Seth Fearnow '15 , Student and Wilberforce Scholar 11.02.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce as an Example Neil Clement '13 , student and Wilberforce scholar 11.02.12
ScotsCast: Covenant's Rugby Club Bryce Stout '15 and Peter Hennigan '15 , Students 11.02.12
ScotsCast: The EDGE Conference Todd Erickson '87, Alumnus and Director of the EDGE 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and God's Calling Rachel Carleton '13, Alumna and Wilberforce Scholar 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Wilberforce and the Academic Community Neil Clement '13 , Alumnus and Wilberforce Scholar 11.01.12
ScotsCast: Thin Film Research with Dr. Broussard Emily Davis '14 and Tim Ahrenholz '14, Students 10.30.12
ScotsCast: Community Development Internships Robbie Brown '13, Student 10.10.12
ScotsCast: Supervised Student Research Dr. Phillip Broussard, Professor of Physics 10.10.12
ScotsCast: Being Involved in Church While in College Mary Grace Stocker '14 and Rebekah Taft '14 , Students 09.27.12
ScotsCast: Theology for the Church Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 09.20.12
ScotsCast: From Medicine to Theology Dr. Hans Madueme, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies 09.14.12
ScotsCast: Ballroom Club and Ballroom Team Melanie Terpstra '14, Student 09.11.12
ScotsCast: Thirty Years of Computer Science Drs. John Hunt and Doug Sizemore , Associate Professor of Computer Science and Former Professor of Computer Science 09.10.12
ScotsCast: Directing Theatre as a Student Anne Patterson '13, Student 09.05.12
ScotsCast: My First Year as an English Major at Covenant Adrienne Siegenthaler '15, Student 08.29.12
ScotsCast: Joining the Heritage Society Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis, Friends of the College 08.28.12
ScotsCast: Engineering and a Liberal Arts Education Dr. Curtis Stern, Professor of Engineering 08.20.12
ScotsCast: Renaissance Literature and Cultural Heritage of the West Dr. Robert Erle Barham, Assistant Professor of English 08.16.12
ScotsCast: Faith and Language Dr. Nola Stephens, Assistant Professor of Linguistics 07.17.12
ScotsCast: Computer Science Ethics Dr. Jeff Humphries, Associate Professor of Computer Science 07.09.12
ScotsCast: The MAT Program Dr. Jim Drexler, Chair of the Education Department 06.26.12
ScotsCast: Called to Explore Peter McCrory '12, Alumnus 05.22.12
ScotsCast: The Tools Covenant Gave Me David Garrett '82, Alumnus 05.14.12
ScotsCast: What We Learned at Covenant Jon Casselberry '12 and Peter McCrory '12, alumni 05.07.12
ScotsCast: Teaching and Writing Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 04.26.12
ScotsCast: Mapping Modern Theology Dr. Kelly Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies 04.26.12
ScotsCast: Seed Project Winners - One Year Later Anthony Tucker and Miller Wellborn with Drew Belz and Isaiah Smallman, winners of inaugural Seed Project award 03.29.12
ScotsCast: Business at Covenant Ron Jones, Associate Professor of Business 03.13.12
ScotsCast: Student Senate Anne McNutt '12, Alumna 03.08.12
ScotsCast: Entrepreneurship at Covenant Ron Jones, Associate Professor of Business 03.06.12
ScotsCast: Past, Present and Future George '72 and Sheryl Cross Farquhar '72, Alumni 03.01.12
ScotsCast: Studying Business and Accounting at Covenant Kit Meyer '12, Alumnus 02.29.12
ScotsCast: Marketing at Covenant Ron Jones, Associate Professor of Business 02.29.12
ScotsCast: Chemistry Research Dr. Larry Mehne and Thomas Holcombe '12, Professor of Chemistry and Chemistry Student 02.08.12
ScotsCast: The Bagpipe Adrienne McCrory '13, Student 02.06.12
ScotsCast: Principles of Management Molly Anderson '14, Student 01.27.12
ScotsCast: Dr. Brian Crossman Dr. John Barber '93, Alumnus 12.05.11
ScotsCast: International Studies Major Dr. Cale Horne, Assistant Professor of Political Studies 11.18.11
ScotsCast: German Studies Major Dr. Tom Neiles, Professor of Modern Languages 11.18.11
ScotsCast: Indonesia to Covenant Jane Tjahjono '15, Student 11.14.11
ScotsCast: Depicting the Human Form Prof. Kayb Joseph, Associate Professor of Art 10.27.11