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Evidence of Learning

It is safe to assert that Covenant College students are learning much in a biblically faithful environment that encourages both intellectual and spiritual growth. Standardized tests indicate that they are learning with greater depth and with higher-order thinking skills than their peers at comparable institutions. Moreover, our students resonate with the biblically faithful mission of the College.


Academic Assessment: The ETS Proficiency Profile

The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses students on general education competencies. Covenant uses it to determine how students progress from when they enter to their junior year, when they should have completed most of their core curriculum requirements.

In the 2011-2012 year, Covenant freshmen scored in the 97th percentile and Covenant juniors in the 100th percentile. The results suggest that Covenant’s entering freshmen are of a high academic quality and that the general education effort at Covenant is instilling significantly higher levels of skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, math, humanities, and the social and natural sciences than comparative institutions.


Academic Assessment: Major Field Tests

Each spring, seniors take major field tests in the disciplines for which they are available. The scores of Covenant students have a weighted mean in the 75th percentile.


Survey of Reformed Distinctives

The Survey of Reformed Distinctives is given to freshmen in the fall semester and seniors in the spring semester.  The survey results show that students come to Covenant with a strong faith that is supported and encouraged through their studies and campus life and that they leave with their faith intact and strengthened.


Student Satisfaction Inventory

The results of the 2011 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory reflect that Covenant students are significantly more satisfied on all scales measured when compared with students at comparable national four-year private colleges. When compared with students at other colleges in the Coalition of Christian Colleges & Universities, Covenant students are significantly more satisfied on 82% of the scales measured. In particular, Covenant students report being significantly more satisfied in the areas of instructional effectiveness, academic advising, and campus climate.


More details are available at the Institutional Data, Analyses, and Surveys links to the left.