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IRB: Investigator Training

Covenant College participates in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. All members of the research team--including student researchers--must complete specific ethics and compliance training modules prior to the start of the research. Documentation must be provided to the IRB. For research projects lasting longer than three years, each member of the research team must complete CITI refresher training.


Important: Read these instructions completely before beginning. You might want to print a copy of the instructions. It is essential that you complete the correct training module (for most researchers at Covenant, this would be the “Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers” basic course). The other training modules, although excellent, do not satisfy the IRB requirements.



1. Visit  

2. Click Register (not Log-in through my Institution)

3. Complete the steps for Learner Registration

     a. Choose Covenant College as your organizational affiliation (not independent learner)

     b. Read and agree to terms of service and privacy policy

     c. Affirm that you are affiliated with Covenant

     d. Enter your name and email information

     e. Create a username and password

     f. Answer additional questions

     g. Answer “No” to the Continuing Education question

     h. Provide answers to required demographic questions; for Role enter Principal Investigator, Co-investigator, or Student investigator

     i. Answer questions to Select Curriculum (click here for illustrated instructions)

(1) For the Human Subjects Research question, click the "Social-Behavioral-Education Researchers" box*

(2) Leave “Institutional/Signatory Officials” boxes unchecked

(3) For Public Health question check “Not at this time”

(4) For Good Clinical Practice check “Not at this time”

(5) For Responsible Conduct of Research, select "Not at this time"

(6) For Conflict of Interest, select “No”

(7) For the IPS question, select “I am not required to complete the course at this time”

(8) Skip the Animal Care & Use question

Note: For most researchers, only the “Social-Behavioral-Education Researcher” module is required at this time. The other modules, while excellent, will not satisfy current IRB requirements. Email if you are unsure of which training curricula to complete.

4. Finalize your registration

5. At the main menu, select Covenant College courses and click the Social and Behavioral Research option to access training materials and quizzes.

6. When you have successfully passed the course, you will see a certificate of completion. Print or save the certificate (pdf, image file, or on paper) and send to


Contact if you have questions or problems with CITI training.


* Researchers proposing biomedical studies with human participants should select the Biomedical PI course.