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Hans Madueme

Hans Madueme

Associate Professor of Theological Studies
On faculty since 2012



Curriculum Vitae  



PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

MA, Trinity International University

MD, Howard University College of Medicine

BS, McGill University


Professional Interests

Once upon a time, in a life far away, I completed an MD degree and a residency in internal medicine. That experience exposed me to questions at the interface of science and theology. How do they relate? What is the role of Scripture? Is full-blooded, robust Reformed theology still viable in the modern world? Those early musings led me to write a PhD dissertation in systematic theology, honing in on the doctrine of sin and difficult questions from biology.

Since arriving at Covenant in 2012, I received a two-year grant from Oxford University and a Henry Center fellowship to pursue further research in science and theology. I am currently writing a monograph that explores Christian hamartiology and its relationship to natural science (I hope to complete that project before the Eschaton). One of my long-term goals is to mobilize first-rate scholars from our Reformed tradition to make substantive contributions to the broader science-theology dialogue—both at scholarly and more popular levels.

While I enjoy academic writing, I am even more passionate about preaching and teaching. I left the practice of medicine when I caught the homiletic fever; I diagnosed a high temperature and preaching in my bones. I tend to do theology in a “homiletic” mode, for I’m most comfortable when preaching—and besides, theologians at their core are heralds of God (cf. James Stewart’s book of that title). And where would I be without teaching? Where would I be without delightful Covenant students learning about divine things? Forlorn and forsaken! I love the classroom. I relish teaching. There are moments when I’m teaching doctrine, wooing students to see and to feel the loveliness of Christ—at those moments, I tell myself: oh my goodness, it doesn’t get better than this! And, of course, my preaching and teaching infuse and shape all of my academic work. I am profoundly grateful to the Lord that we Covenant faculty have the privilege of participating every day in this remarkable calling. We are not worthy. Soli deo Gloria!


Personal Interests

I am married to Shelley Hyde Madueme and we have two children, Caleb and Zoë. My wonderful family keeps me grounded. I find endless joy in playing irritant to Covenant College linguistics professors. And unlike Kelly Kapic who has no personal life, I enjoy good fiction, British and Scandinavian crime shows, and playing board games with family and friends (alas, not as much as I’d like because my wife hates losing, and I tend to be a little, um, competitive!).


Covenant Activities

  • Faculty Moderator, The Ray Dameron Science and Theology Club, 2015-
  • Member of the Ethnic Diversity Committee, 2016-
  • Member of the Faculty Hiring Committee, GA, 2015-
  • Member of the Issues in Sexuality Committee, GA, 2014-
  • Member of the Intercultural Competencies Committee, 2014-
  • Member of the Maclellan Scholars Program Committee, 2013-
  • Member of the Spiritual Life Committee, 2013-2016
  • Member of the Student Life and Diversity Committee, 2014-2015


Professional Membership

  • Evangelical Theological Society


Dr. Hans Madueme | audio archive

Zoe Kiratzis '21

"I didn’t intend to be a Biblical and Theological Studies major when I decided on Covenant, but after getting a taste of the Bible classes here I couldn’t help but add the major. The professors are some of the best and the upper-division courses are very accessible to non-majors, which makes class discussion diverse and engaging."
  - Zoe Kiratzis '21

Ashley Parker '20

"Dr. Jones has definitely impacted my thinking. I took his Old Testament class my first semester at Covenant. He completely changed the way I viewed the Old Testament. Every class made me appreciate the OT more and more. He talked about OT stories in a way that grabbed our attention and made them feel relevant today."
 - Ashley Parker '20