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For more information about the business program, please contact the department chair:

Prof. Chris Dodson
Business Department
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

Phone: 706.419.1622
Fax: 706.820.2165


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Jay Finlayson

“Principles of Finance. This class was taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Dodson, and in this class we began to learn about different things that are practical to running a business and that we alluded to freshman year. It was exciting to see how far we’ve come through just a few year’s classes, and also to think about how much more we still have to learn. Also, Dr. Dodson is the man.”
 -business major Jay Finlayson ’17

Ben and Mollie

Two 2015 graduates talk about what it's like to study marketing at Covenant.
Dr. Quatro discusses business as part of God’s creation, and describes it as a means to meet daily needs and to practice Christ’s teaching to love God and neighbor.