Computer Science Careers

A degree in computer science can lead to any number of careers, including software engineer and IT analyst, two of the top-ranked jobs by Money magazine. Computer science graduates consistently enter some of the best-paid professions directly out of college. The Bureau of Labor Statistic's (BLS) "Tomorrow's Jobs" report states: "Employment in computer systems design and related services will grow by 39.5 percent and add almost one-fourth of all new jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services." The BLS figures also show many more jobs requiring a bachelor's degree related to computing than there will be graduates to fill them. 


Covenant's computer science graduates have an excellent placement record. Students from our department are the most requested of any major by employers contacting Covenant's Center for Calling & Careers.


The rewards of a computing career are not merely financial. Money magazine gives software engineering an ‘A' for creativity. Computer programming is about problem solving in a fast-changing and rarely repetitive environment. Most programmers work in flexible, informal work environments. Many programmers enjoy their work so much that they make it a hobby as well as a career.

computer science students in the classroom

Four computer science majors at Covenant College were recently named Chattanooga Technology (ChaTECH) Scholars.

Abby Hynson

"Advanced Programming Methodology - coming into Covenant, I had absolutely no experience with computer programming. This class was a personal breakthrough where I have learned to love and understand the foundations of coding. Dr. Humphries kept each student engaged in the class as we laughed and we learned as the class time flew by. "
- computer science major Abby Hynson

Dr. Jeff Humphries with Student

Professor of Computer Science Dr. Jeff Humphries notes the misconception that computer science is primarily about computers, and discusses the ethics of cyber security.

Keith Rice, Tim DeVries, and Nick Gilbert

Keith, Tim, and Nick discuss their team's exciting top-10 finish at the Southeastern conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges.
Anna describes her recent trip to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference and what she loves most about computer science.