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Lance Wescher

Lance Wescher

Professor of Economics
Department Chair
On faculty since 2006





PhD, University of Notre Dame

MA, University of Notre Dame

BA, Wheaton College

Benaiah Woodrow '22

"I really appreciate how the professors take a subject like economics and do not teach it as a self-centered market of costs vs. benefits ratios. Instead, they recognize that we can use economics to promote the welfare and glory of others so as to further promote the kingdom of God and His glory."
 - economics major Benaiah Woodrow '22

Avery Patz '22

"Dr. Fikkert and Mr. C changed my life in Theory of Community Development. They patiently guided me to a deeper understanding of how the Fall affects every part of life, challenging me along the way to ask the Lord how He has called me to work towards justice and shalom. It’s my favorite class I’ve taken to date, and their professional work has transformed the way I think about myself and the materially poor."
 - community development major Avery Patz '22