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May Term

Each year in May, Covenant faculty and students travel off­-campus for a variety of courses. A few options from past years and plans for 2019 include:

  • Study Art and the Church in Rome
  • Study and create art in Florence
  • Explore Israel's geography and history, enriching your study of Scripture
  • Study Cultural Heritage of the West I in Rome
  • Study and experience global trends in London
  • Consider the theology and practices of Christian spirituality in Rome
  • Gain teaching experience in a practicum in Budapest, Prague, or Hoboken, NJ


May term provides a unique opportunity for students and professors to live and learn together in an intense three-week course. Students gain three to four credits while spending time in a different context, combining classroom and experiential learning. Many students use a May term course, when appropriate, as the basis for fulfilling their COR337 requirement. Students who plan to travel off­ campus for May term are required to attend a pre­-departure workshop in April.


Off-campus May term 2019 course offerings

Global Education

Eliza Cary '16 shares her experience studying Jane Austen at Oxford University. While studying abroad, Eliza had the chance to personally visit many of the settings in Jane Austen's novels, as well as Austen's home.