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Study Abroad Pre­-Departure Checklist

After your acceptance to the study abroad program of your choice...

  • Fill out any paperwork required by your host organization. Pay attention to all communication from that program.

  • Be sure to have a passport if studying outside the US. If you have a passport, be sure to check that it has not expired and will not expire before or during your trip.

  • Check your financial aid status for study abroad. Only full-­time students can be eligible for external and institutional aid for approved programs.

  • Talk through the finances IN DETAIL with your parents or guardians, in conjunction with the financial aid office.

  • Complete any payments on current semester billing, so you have no charges on your account.

  • Take care of any holds on your account, including chapel holds.

  • If you want your study abroad experience to count for your Intercultural Experience (COR 337), be sure to attend the COR337 meeting, complete your pre-­reading (Storti, Hess, and cultural reading), and turn in your learning contract to Lindsay Saunds.

  • Check to see if you will need a visa. Most stays longer than 3 months will require visas. This process can be time consuming, so plan accordingly. Contact the consulate of the country to inquire.

  • Check to make sure that you have health insurance coverage overseas. Consider purchasing supplemental insurance through iNext.

  • Schedule a health assessment meeting with Priesthill Health Services. They must approve any student wishing to study abroad, and may ask you for further approval from your primary care physician. Check for travel health requirements and suggestions by location.

  • Consider purchasing an International Student Identity Card. This card can get you discounts on trip fares as well as other advantages.

  • Purchase the travel tickets you will need such as planes, train, and hotels. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance when you buy your plane ticket.

  • Meet with your advisor to make sure that you are on track for your semester abroad and semester(s) when returning to Covenant. Consider course offerings for your return to Covenant, so that registration from abroad will go smoothly.

  • Complete all paperwork & forms required by Covenant and turn in to the Office of Global Education by Nov 1 (for Spring semester) or April 30 (for Summer or Fall semester). These include:

  • Attend REQUIRED pre­-departure session held in December/April.