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Financial Aid Overview for Off‐Campus Study

Students who are accepted into approved off-campus study semester programs and are enrolled as full-time students, taking courses that will transfer into their academic program are eligible to receive financial aid resources (i.e. federal, state and Covenant College grants, scholarships, and loans). However, student employment is not available. All other policies outlined in the Catalog such as deadlines and satisfactory academic progress requirements remain the same for on-campus and off-campus study programs.


The amount of institutional financial aid that can be applied to an approved off-campus program varies depending on the program. Students who meet all deadlines are eligible for up to 50% of institutional financial aid and 100% of external financial aid for approved consortial and contractual programs. Students who have attained junior status are eligible for up to 100% of institutional financial aid for semester-long approved programs if the study abroad semester is required for their major (French, German Studies, Spanish, and International Studies only). For the East Asia Institute, students are eligible for 100% of institutional aid.


Special scholarship considerations

Recipients of the Maclellan scholarship may apply for and access a $2000 stipend to help with program costs for semester-long or summer programs. Recipients of the Wilberforce whose institutional aid is reduced to 50% may also access a $2000 stipend for Covenant-approved semester-long programs.


May or Summer

For May term or Summer term courses, if planned well in advance, the cost of the study program may be added to the student’s Covenant College budget for the Spring semester before the experience takes place. By adding the cost to the student budget, a student may be eligible for additional loan funds. To receive additional loan funds, a student must make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office. See the Financial Aid Office for full details.


No institutional aid is available for Summer Study Abroad.


Employee Education Benefit

If a student is eligible for the Employee Education Benefit (EEB), they will receive 50% of that benefit for non-required semester study abroad and 100% for required (Foreign language and International Studies majors). For May term off-campus programs, they will receive the benefit for the tuition portion of the course at 100%, unless the course is not taught by Covenant faculty (i.e., Jerusalem University College) in which case they will receive 50% benefit.


Financial Aid Resources