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Study Abroad Forms

Each of these forms must be completed and on file with the Global Education office by November 1 for Spring Semester Study Abroad and by April 30 for summer and fall study abroad.


Off­-Campus Studies Application

Off­-Campus Studies Agreement Form

Off­-Campus Studies Standards of Conduct Form


For Break on Impact, May Term and other off-campus programs, the off-campus studies form and standards of conduct form must be completed with your application.


If you are planning to use this experience toward the fulfillment of COR337, intercultural learning experience, these forms will be helpful. Courses and programs do not automatically qualify for COR337.


COR337 Timeline Explanation

COR337 Pre-Approval Learning Contract



“Participating in SCIO was like training for a triathlon. Each section of the Oxford program exercised and tested a different academic or experiential learning muscle. Professors and students pushed me to my limits, highlighting my abilities and inabilities while ensuring I maintained an attitude fostering intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual growth.”
  - John Christian Kuehnert | Oxford