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History & Politics

The Department of History & Politics believes that historical thinking is an essential feature of faithful living. In our classes, we aim to help cultivate in students the skills, knowledge, and virtues necessary for thinking historically. To think historically is to read all dimensions of the creation with a keen and subtle awareness of how they were shaped by processes rooted in the remote and the recent past. It also involves understanding past events, ideas, institutions, and civilizations within their thick and varied contexts. The department offers both a major and minor in history to achieve these goals, as well as a concentration and minor in political studies to allow students to explore the dimensions of human governance and interstate relations, specifically.


For General Education

The department will help students taking history or politics courses within the core curriculum to understand the shape, political dynamics, and historical roots of the modern world and to ask questions within their own major fields informed by the realities of historical development.


For the Major Field

Majors are further assisted in developing a deeper understanding of certain aspects of the past and in thinking critically about the issues and problems of teaching and writing history as Christians. To that end, Introduction to History, Historiography, Senior Seminar in History, and the Senior Integration Paper are required for all history majors. Majors in history at Covenant have led to vocations in teaching, journalism, law, government service, pastoral ministry, academic scholarship, and a host of other fields that benefit from a strong foundation in research skills, writing aptitude, and general training in the liberal arts. For further information, the student is urged to consult with anyone within the Department of History & Politics.


Teacher Certification

Students who desire teacher certification in history should complete a B.A. degree with a major in history, then enroll in the one-year master of arts in teaching program at Covenant College. To ensure eligibility for entry to the M.A.T. program, it is recommended that you complete the education minor. Two of the courses in the minor, EDU 222 Educational Psychology and EDU 361 Education of Exceptional Children, are required for admission to the program. This program leads to grades 6-12 teacher certification through the state of Georgia and through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


“Dr. Green was one of my first friends at Covenant. He showed me that professors can be your friends and not just mentors or instructors.”
  - chemistry major Ian Banks ’20


Programs, Courses, and Requirements

Major and Concentrations


Dr. Alicia Jackson

Dr. Alicia Jackson was awarded a grant from The Louisville Institute. The institute is interested in advancing American religious and theological scholarship.

Stephanie Taylor and Christina Warner

Stephanie Taylor '15 & Christina Warner '16 talk about their experience learning how to faithfully interact and reflect upon the discipline of studying history.

Jonathan Mullen

History major Jonathan Mullen practices transactional law while striving to "protect the reputation of the gospel" in his professional relationships.

Raeanne Curtis, Gabby Powell, and Chase Walker

Raeanne Curtis '17, Gabby Powell '17 & Chase Waller '18 describe a project they participated in for a class on the Civil War era taught by Dr. Alicia Jackson.