Stephen Seo

"I get to study several disciplines rather than just one. I love the idea of being a “renaissance” man and I believe IDS (interdisciplinary studies) delivers exactly that. Learning to see the world through several different lenses like sociology, history, and philosophy has given me the opportunity to approach problems comprehensively and integrate Jesus Christ as the centerpiece, in whom I mirror my knowledge after. Furthermore, I love learning under Dr. Dennison aka Dr. D! "
 - IDS major Stephen Seo '18

In Defense of Eschaton by Dr. William Dennison

Wipf and Stock recently published In Defense of the Eschaton: Essays in Reformed Apologetics, an anthology of essays by Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. William Dennison.

Kyle Delk

"The IDS major is really cool. Especially for someone like me who can’t exactly nail down what I want to do with my life, but I know that I am interested in several things. It gives me the flexibility to explore those interests and see which ones really stick out to me. If I find one I really love, then I can get a Master’s degree in that area. The IDS major gives students the opportunity to explore their many interests without feeling like they are committing to something they might end up hating when they graduate."
 - Kyle Delk '18

Haley Dempsey

"I love the diversity that I get with my major. Having three concentrations allows me to pull knowledge from broader areas of study to be more versatile. I love how well my concentrations fit together to fit my desire to work in America in the kitchens of non-profits. My major gives me the ability to take my passions and put them together in an integrated way."
 - IDS major Haley Dempsey '17