Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA

International Studies

By its very nature—complex, interconnected, change-prone, and operating across both levels of analysis and time—the academic study of international phenomena is not amenable to traditional disciplinary boundaries. In recognition of this reality, the international studies (INS) major is multi-disciplinary, with an emphasis in the core disciplines of political studies, history and economics, together with intensive training in foreign languages and research methods. Students will emerge from the program with a grasp of the major theories, methods and substantive issues pertinent to the study of international political, social and economic phenomena, and prepared to pursue careers in government, law, international non- or inter-governmental organizations, the military or academia, among others.


The INS major is overseen by the International Studies Program Committee.


“Dr. Horne has shown me how, no matter what life throws at you and regardless of our expectations for this life, we should should find peace of mind knowing we are ultimately in God’s hands.”
  - international studies major Connor McGimsey ’20


Program, Courses, and Requirements


Lucy Green

"I love my major because my classes are enjoyable while I take them, but they also make me so excited to get out and engage with the world around me. Every class piques a new interest in me (political research, Middle Eastern politics, longform journalism), and then equips me with the skills to pursue it after graduation!"
 - Lucy Green '19

Larissa Santos

"I enjoy International Studies because it is taught by good professors and it is a subject I love. The classes have relatively few students - which feel like private lectures - and the students are truly engaged and interested in the subject."
 - Larissa Lira Santos '19