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International Studies Faculty

Students in this multi-disciplinary program take classes taught by the following faculty members.



History & Politics

Dr. Richard Follett

Richard R. Follett
Professor of History
On faculty since 2001





Dr. Jay Green

Jay D. Green
Professor of History
On faculty since 1998





Dr. Alicia Jackson

Alicia Jackson
Associate Professor of History
On faculty since 2004





Dr. Paul Morton

Paul J. Morton
Professor of History
Department Chair
Dean of Academic Programs
On faculty since 1994





Dr. Cale Horne

Cale Horne
Associate Professor of Political Studies
On faculty since 2011


706.820.2165 (fax)



Economics & Community Development

Dr. Steve Corbett

Steve Corbett
Assistant Professor of Community Development
On faculty since 2007





Dr. Brian Fikkert

Brian T. Fikkert
Professor of Economics & Community Development
Executive Director of The Chalmers Center
On faculty since 1997





Dr. Russell Mask

Russell P. Mask
Associate Professor of Community Development
On faculty since 2002





John Rush

John Rush
Assistant Professor of Economics
On faculty since 2016





Dr. Lance Wescher

Lance Wescher
Associate Professor of Economics
Department Chair
On faculty since 2006





Foreign Language

Jiewon Baek

Jiewon Baek
Assistant Professor of Foreign Language
On faculty since 2016





Brianne Stambaugh

Brianne Stambaugh
Assistant Professor of Spanish
On faculty since 2014





Connor McGimsey '20

“As someone who wants to go into foreign services, Covenant has not only given me a considerable amount of connections through professors and the college’s resources, but has also taught me how to apply a Christian worldview to my fields of study which are, more often than not, part of a secular lifestyle.”
  - international studies major Connor McGimsey '20

Liam Ohrvall

International Studies major Liam Ohrvall ‘21 has been awarded the prestigious Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) from the U.S. Department of State. The CLS Program is designed to expand the number of Americans with language skills critical for national security and economic prosperity.