International Studies Faculty

Students in this multi-disciplinary program take classes taught by the following faculty members.



History & Politics

Dr. Richard Follett

Richard R. Follett
Professor of History
On faculty since 2001





Dr. Jay Green

Jay D. Green
Professor of History
On faculty since 1998





Dr. Alicia Jackson

Alicia Jackson
Associate Professor of History
On faculty since 2004





Dr. Paul Morton

Paul J. Morton
Professor of History
Department Chair
Dean of Academic Programs
On faculty since 1994





Dr. Cale Horne

Cale Horne
Associate Professor of Political Studies
On faculty since 2011


706.820.2165 (fax)



Economics & Community Development

Dr. Steve Corbett

Steve Corbett
Assistant Professor of Community Development
On faculty since 2007





Dr. Brian Fikkert

Brian T. Fikkert
Professor of Economics & Community Development
Executive Director of The Chalmers Center
On faculty since 1997





Dr. Russell Mask

Russell P. Mask
Associate Professor of Community Development
On faculty since 2002





Dr. Lance Wescher

Lance Wescher
Associate Professor of Economics
Department Chair
On faculty since 2006





Foreign Language

Dr. Tom Neiles

Tom A. Neiles
Professor of Modern Languages
Foreign Language Department Chair
On faculty since 2000





Dr. Sandy Shaw

Sanford (Sandy) Shaw
Professor of Modern Languages
On faculty 1976-1985; since 2007





Administrative Faculty

Dr. Ginner Hudson

Ginner W. Hudson
Dean of Organizational Management & Instructional Technology
On faculty since 2006



Morgan Barney

"...I would have to say Terrorism with Dr. Horne. While the subject matter of this course has made it challenging at times, Dr. Horne has presented the material in a highly comprehensive way. It’s not every day that you are able to take such a specialty course taught through a Christian perspective. I have been pushed to lean into my studies deeply for this course, but it’s taught me not only the importance of perseverance and to see how the coursework will apply for my career in the future."
 - Morgan Barney '18

Larissa Santos

"I enjoy International Studies because it is taught by good professors and it is a subject I love. The classes have relatively few students - which feel like private lectures - and the students are truly engaged and interested in the subject."
 - Larissa Lira Santos '19
Lindsey describes how her study of Arabic helped prepare her for internships that involved working with refugees both in Jordan and the U.S.