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Covenant College, The denominational college of the PCA


Mathematics is a discipline with ancient origins in early Greek thought, and has been the indispensable language and tool of science. In our major program and in our service to other departments, the mathematics department at Covenant College seeks to provide solid grounding in the discipline of mathematics as well as providing a greater appreciation for logic and precise language. In our major program we seek to prepare students for graduate school, technical jobs or for teaching in secondary school. In our service programs we aim to prepare pre-engineering students for the dual degree program and to prepare students majoring in other disciplines which require mathematics. We also hope to impart

  1. an appreciation for the wisdom of God as it is manifested in the logic and orderliness of His creation,
  2. an appreciation for the goodness of God in both structuring much of creation to be amenable to mathematical description and in structuring our thought processes to be able to understand the mathematics that describes the creation,
  3. an appreciation of absolute truth in the limited context of a mathematical system and at the limited understanding of fallen man.


Programs, Courses, and Requirements