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Covenant's music department seeks to support the mission of the College in four ways:

  • Equipping versatile musicians and scholars to cultivate a distinctly Christian understanding of music and to respond to their vocational and avocational callings in music, with a special emphasis on service to the Church and a diversity of communities
  • Contributing to the liberal arts education of all students through exposure to a broad spectrum of music from different times and places, thereby encouraging the appreciation for a variety of musical styles and the capacity for critical thought about music that are necessary to engage musical cultures
  • Serving the Church and the community by participation in the worship of congregations near and distant, and by presentation of outstanding concerts and recitals that draw a variety of people to our campus on a regular basis and intentionally cross cultural barriers
  • Engaging in the ongoing international conversation of music through the established routines of public concerts, recitals, clinics, master classes, festivals, tours, collaborative concerts with sister institutions, publishing, and even occasional arenas of competition



Students are involved in a number of on-campus performances every semester. Some of our recurring concerts include:

  • Celebrate Christmas
  • Spring Choral Festival
  • Celebration Concert
  • Fall Instrumental Concert
  • Spring Instrumental Concert


"Music enables our souls to speak about their pain and joy. Music is not just a thing to be conquered. It’s something that is characteristic of who God’s people are."
- Dr. Scott Finch, associate professor of music


Recent Senior Capstone Projects

  • “The Science of Sonorism: An Acoustical Analysis of Penderecki’s Timbre System”
  • “The Theological Implications of Olivier Messiaen’s Compositional Techniques”
  • “Fostering Creativity in Children Through Collaborative Musical Composition”


Where Our Alumni Are

Graduate Schools

  • Peabody Conservatory
  • University of Florida
  • Washington University
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Florida State University

Job Outcomes

  • Director, BiFrost Arts and The Porter’s Gate Worship Project
  • Music director, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church
  • Co-founder, East Lake Expression Engine
  • Music director, New City Fellowship
  • Professor, Geneva College
  • Professor, Lee University