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The physics department seeks to discern and unfold the implications of Christ's preeminence in physics by pursuing the following general aims:


  • To dramatically expand our students' knowledge of God's universe so that they might be more faithful stewards of God's gifts and more informed worshippers of the one true God,
  • To encourage students to become motivated servants who take seriously the fact that knowledge in physics carries with it the responsibility for practical application in redemptive activity,
  • To help students identify their particular callings related to physics and to help them develop confidence that God can use their physics knowledge and skills to accomplish His purposes in them in terms of those callings.


"God allows us to see things and understand and discover things, but always turns to show us we have to be humble. That is what I want to convey to my students."
- Dr. Phillip Broussard | professor of physics


In our programs and in our service to other departments, we seek to provide a solid grounding in the discipline of physics while at the same time providing a foundation for understanding the relation of physics to such disciplines as philosophy and theology.


In our major program we seek to prepare students for graduate school or for teaching in secondary school, by providing a solid conceptual grasp of the discipline itself and also of issues in the discipline related to other disciplines.


In our service programs we aim to prepare pre-engineering students for the dual degree program on a level suitable for study at Georgia Tech, pre-med students for the MCAT, and others for the various disciplines in which physics will be used.


For both science and non-science majors, we hope to impart a sense of awe over the beauty and wonder of God's world and over His glory and faithfulness as He upholds the regularities we observe in the physical sciences.


Recent Senior Capstone Projects

  • “Photovoltaics: A Viable Mainstream Alternative Energy Source”
  • “A Comparison of Absorption & Mechanical Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycles”
  • “Inertial Confinement Fusion & the National Ignition Facility: The Scientist Beyond Researcher”
  • “Creating a Quantum Rap”
  • “Reforming our Classrooms: Christian Science Textbooks”
  • “‘Spooky’”: An Introduction to Quantum Entanglement and its Misapplications”
  • “Multiverse, Physics, and God”
  • “Thorium and the Molten Salt Reactor”


Programs, Courses, and Requirements