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Financial Aid at Covenant College
Covenant College is one of only five CCCU schools ranked as a national liberal arts college, and the only one of those in the South.
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Most of our students were just like you, wondering how they could ever afford a Covenant education.
of our students
receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants.
We’re proud to say that nearly all of our students were given a financial aid package that made attending Covenant a possibility.

Types of Financial Aid


Trustees’ Scholarship: $20,000

Founders’ Scholarship: $18,000

Tower Scholarship: $16,000

Thistle Scholarship: $14,000

Shield Scholarship: $12,000

Tartan Scholarship: $10,000


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Directors Grant

Covenant College Grant

Church Scholarship Promise


PCA Grant

PCA Ministers Grant

The Summit Grant

YXL Grant


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Federal Direct Loans

Non-Federal Private Loans


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Maclellan Scholars Program

Wilberforce Scholarships: $15,000

Presidential Scholarships: $5,000

Visual Arts & Theatre Scholarships: $5,000

Music Scholarships


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You may be eligible for federal and/or state grants or scholarships.


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The federal government provides some funding for students to work and receive a paycheck while they are a college student. You may work for our facilities services department, admissions office, or grounds department, for example.


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"Financial aid became the pivotal point in my decision! The Office of Financial Aid was so generous and so willing to work with me. I felt like they really wanted me at Covenant, and they helped me make that a reality.”
- Cara Smole '22
The financial aid office at Covenant College is uncompromising in its commitment to equitable service. We consider each student’s financial circumstances and academic merit holistically, because if you’re the right fit for Covenant, we want you to be here. We walk with families hand in hand through the world of financial aid from application to graduation (and we also help with strategies on paying student loans after graduation).
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Did you know? Most of our students receive some form of merit-based scholarship.
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