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Financial Aid Roadmap for Regular Decision Applicants

Click the boxes below to display detailed information for each step in the financial aid process. If you have any questions, we'd love to help! Please email us at or call 706.419.1126.


Your first step in applying for financial aid will be to complete an application for admission. You can view all of the components and complete this online. The regular decision deadline for a completed application is March 1.


Due to changes in the timeline of the FAFSA, you no longer have to wait until your most recent taxes are finished. From now on, the Department of Education requires you to input prior-prior year tax information.


Video Tutorial: Introduction to the FAFSA (2:54)


If you have filled out the FAFSA, you will see a listing on your financial aid award of “Direct loans” either subsidized or unsubsidized. The amount of loans that you are offered is tied to your class level by credit hour. We will list the maximum amount that you are eligible to borrow, but it is up to you to decide whether to take the full amount, a partial amount, or none at all.


For more information about these loans (terms, repayment plans, interest, etc.) please visit this site.


If you would like to receive these loans each year, you will need to fill out the FAFSAeach year as well. Choosing to accept or decline them from year to year will not affect your option to take them in following years.


Once you have been accepted to Covenant, you will receive a financial aid award letter (by March 15). Your award will give you a breakdown of all aid you qualified for and all of the standard costs for tuition, room, board, and student fees. Remember that this is an estimate, not a final bill, so payments should be made based off of actual bills received from the accounting office.


Your financial aid award is based on all of the information that we received from your application to Covenant. If we have already received a FAFSA from you, this will include need based aid that you qualified for. If you did not yet fill out the FAFSA but you would still like to be considered for need based aid in addition to the aid you already qualified for, you can still fill out the FAFSA. You would receive an updated award when that FAFSA was processed, reflecting any changes in aid.


Video Tutorial: The Financial Aid Award Letter (3:53)


Enrollment: Once you are ready to commit to Covenant College, the first thing that you need to do is pay a $300 enrollment deposit. This enrollment deposit secures your spot at Covenant. Once this has been paid, you can sign up for classes, campus housing, and submit preferences for work study positions (if applicable). This payment does go towards your fall charges and you will see that amount credited to your account on your bill. You can pay this deposit online via the admissions portal.


Accept Aid: Follow these step-by-step instructions on accessing your Banner account and accepting your aid.


It is important to get familiar with your Banner account as it is used throughout your time as a student for financial aid, accounting, records, and employee information. If you are having trouble accessing your Banner account, contact your admissions counselor.


Remember, no financial aid will post to your account without you first accepting it through this process. Go ahead and do this as soon as you have decided to attend Covenant. If you get any notification that your award has been revised, or if you later fill out the FAFSA after your first award letter, you will need to log in to your account again to accept or decline any new changes in aid.


Did you accept or decline something by mistake? No problem, just email us at with the changes you would like to make.


Requirements: Some pieces of your financial aid will have specific requirements that must be completed in order for you to receive that money. Some of these are things that you can complete online at and others you will need to do in person or over email.


Check on the requirements screen of the financial aid section of your banner account and check your Covenant email frequently to make sure that you are aware of any outstanding requirements.


If you do not complete these requirements, that aid will not post to your account balance.


Remember, if your FAFSA was chosen for verification, you must complete all of the verification requirements before you can receive any federal aid (even loans)*.


If you delay in completing financial aid requirements, your aid may not disburse on time and any outstanding account balance due to undisbursed aid may be subject to finance charges.


Parent Plus Loan: If you are interested in applying for a loan for either part or all of your student’s remaining costs, you can complete an application for a Parent Plus Loan at


This can be done by logging in with the same parent FSA ID and password that was used to complete the FAFSA. After you have completed that application online, someone from our office will contact you with the results of your application and, if you are approved, a loan form that will allow you to specify the amount you would like to borrow.


This loan is in the parent’s name on behalf of a dependent student. To read more information about this type of loan, please visit this site. If you want this type of loan each year, you will need to go through the application process each year. This loan/amount will not roll over from year to year.


Payment Plans: Review information from our accounting office about payment plan options available and forms of payment accepted.



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