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Bryant Engbers ’15

Bryant EngbersAdmissions Counselor


Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Major at Covenant
Business, with a marketing concentration


How did you choose Covenant?

While I was in the process of making my college decision, my brother had recently begun attending Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and had a few classes with students from Covenant. He knew that I was looking to play basketball, most likely at the NCAA DIII level, and that wanted to use college as an opportunity to travel outside of my home state. He called me one night to talk about how things were going and told me that if he could go back and do it over again he would attend Covenant College, mentioning that everyone he met from Covenant was well-grounded and impressive on multiple levels. They stood out to him. After that conversation, I sent in my information to Coach Taylor, the basketball coach at the time, and the recruiting process began. I still remember my first visit, that whole day and every meeting I was in. Every time I looked at the view and in every class I sat in on, I noticed that there was just something different, something special. All that was left was convincing my parents. Luckily I didn’t have to. The faculty and staff put them at ease, and we knew this was the place I was going to be spending my next four years. The visit was just as impressive to my parents as it was to me.


Most influential class at Covenant

This answer could change depending on the topic of the conversation, but there are two that stick out to me. It would be either Doctrine II, which I took as a May term course with Dr. Kapic, and Dr. Quatro’s Business Ethics Seminar. Dr. Kapic’s May term was a spiritual gauntlet. It was four hours a day, with ten of us in a room pouring over doctrine. That was single handedly the most securing moment in my faith and felt like the culminating moment of my spiritual journey.

On the other hand, I have not pulled from any course load more than Dr. Quatro’s Business Ethics Seminar. It seems like there is a never ending struggle in business to compromise some personal beliefs for the sake of an organization. There are a lot of gray areas that I was wrestling with before entering the business world. Thankfully, that class really helped nail down where I stood on a lot of workplace issues and showed me how you many opportunities there are to be a Christian businessman or woman who is focused on pursuing excellence.


Best college memory

I have a lot of memories at Covenant. There are countless stories with friends in dorm rooms, basketball road trips, things that happened in the classroom or at chapel etc., but there is a recent memory of Covenant that actually happened after I graduated that stands out. We always talked about building a program, and changing the culture on the basketball team from the minute I stepped on campus. We had accomplished a few of our milestones in my four years, including a conference tournament appearance, but never the national tournament. This past year, a lot of the guys on the team were the same guys that I had played with while on campus, and they made it to the national tournament! It brought me a lot of joy to see all the hard work we had put in to build up the program pay off. The relationships and friendships you form on campus allow you to rejoice in others successes, and as a result, the college, and the team, had accomplished a goal. I was proud to be a part of that program, and play with those group of guys.


Contact Information

Toll Free: 888.451.2683
Call: 706.419.1603
Text: 423.651.0629
E-mail: Bryant.Engbers@covenant.edu

Bryant Engbers
Covenant College Admissions Office
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750