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Anne Fuller ‘18

Anne FullerAdmissions Counselor



Charlotte, NC


Major in college / alma mater / grad year

English major (writing concentration), art minor, Covenant College, 2018


What brought you to work at Covenant?

The people. A job is a job, but a job with wonderful co-workers, staff, and faculty is much more. After spending a year away, I found myself back on campus with an even better understanding of and appreciation for the liberal arts taught within a faith-filled community.


Favorite spot on campus?

The Kresge Art Gallery in the library on sunny days.


Favorite Cereal

Golden Grahams


Contact Information

Toll Free: 888.451.2683
Call: 706.419.1652
Text: 706.406.8015

Anne Fuller
Covenant College Admissions Office
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

"God is not exalted by lessening your loves. The Christian path is not loving less, it's loving more and rightly...Our goal is not to love less but more."
– Dr. Kelly Kapic
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Dr. Scott Quatro

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Connor McGimsey '20

“As someone who wants to go into foreign services, Covenant has not only given me a considerable amount of connections through professors and the college’s resources, but has also taught me how to apply a Christian worldview to my fields of study which are, more often than not, part of a secular lifestyle.”
  - international studies major Connor McGimsey '20