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Anne Fuller ‘18

Anne FullerAdmissions Counselor



Charlotte, NC


Major at Covenant

English, writing concentration


How did you choose Covenant?

I chose Covenant because of its people. The people who recruited me, the people I met while visiting, the people who made it possible for me to attend. I was confused about what I should look for in a college, and Covenant offered me the clearest and warmest guidance. I didn’t feel lost when I visited Covenant. Maybe I could have done more research, but thankfully there was no need: Covenant was everything I needed.


Most influential class at Covenant

Creative Writing: Nonfiction. Before this class, I understood nonfiction as the most dry genre. I thought nothing real, nothing factual could be so vibrant and otherworldly. Thanks to Professor Belz, I learned to see the ordinary through a kaleidoscope lens, delighting in nuance and threading truth through narrative journalism, memoir, and—my favorite—essays.


Best college memory
Here are a few: weaving through brightly dressed students under neon lights at the roller rink for 80s Skate Night; eating melt-in-your-mouth pancakes at Professor Kaufmann’s house every Saturday morning my Sophomore year; delivering my SIP presentation to my peers and professors; and driving to graduation with my two best friends, listening to “Happy & Sad” by Kacey Musgraves.


Contact Information

Toll Free: 888.451.2683
Call: 706.419.1652
Text: 706.406.8015

Anne Fuller
Covenant College Admissions Office
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

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Connor McGimsey '20

“As someone who wants to go into foreign services, Covenant has not only given me a considerable amount of connections through professors and the college’s resources, but has also taught me how to apply a Christian worldview to my fields of study which are, more often than not, part of a secular lifestyle.”
  - international studies major Connor McGimsey '20