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    Come join us on the mountaintop for 24 hours to experience what life is like as a Covenant College Scot!

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Laura Scott Madden ’17

Laura Scott MaddenAdmissions Counselor


Watkinsville, GA


Major at Covenant

Psychology with a minor in Spanish


How did you choose Covenant?

I first fell in love with Covenant as a sophomore in high school when my volleyball coach, an alumna, encouraged me to look at Covenant because she thought it would be a good fit for me. I visited campus and loved how connected and personable the culture felt. I continued to visit campus four more times (people started to recognize me because I visited so much) and really loved the tight knit community. I wanted an environment where I was encouraged in my walk with the Lord and could be challenged in my academics, personal life, and faith. I also wanted to continue playing volleyball and loved my interactions with the coach and team. I decided to come to Covenant because of the genuine commitment of the community as a whole to put Christ first and to know and engage with others deeply. I am so glad that I became a part of this institution!


Most influential class at Covenant

I think that Christian Mind initially influenced me the most. As a psychology major I am tempted to say other classes that have been favorites of mine, however, I think that Christian Mind impacted me in a unique way. I did not come from a Reformed background and was really nervous about how I would be perceived on campus. Dr. Eames was my professor in this class, and he immediately showed grace to me as I wrestled with hard questions. Christian Mind both taught me the distinctions of the Reformed tradition and the beauty of the body of Christ including all denominations professing Christ as Lord. This class challenged and encouraged me and provided a platform for me from which to fully engage in my future classes, some of which would be equally listed as favorites as well.


Best college memory

This is hard for me to choose. I loved my whole junior year as an RA. My hall, Balcony, was really close knit and we did different events almost every single week. I loved all of our late night snack runs, driving down the mountain with windows open and music blaring, and laughing continuously. I think one moment with my hall that was especially impactful was the surprise birthday party that they threw me. They not only surprised me with brownie sundaes (my favorite) and decorations etc… but they had made me a basket with all of my favorite things and notes from all the girls. Seeing the intentionality and excitement that went into blessing me really touched me. I was struck by how valued and known I was. They had taken the time to not only be my friend but really know me deeply. This intentional community as a whole and all the fun that came along with it was what meant the most to me in college.


Contact Information

Toll Free: 888.451.2683
Call: 706.419.1652
Text: 706.944.3544
E-mail: laurascott.tomlin@covenant.edu

Laura Scott Madden
Covenant College Admissions Office
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750